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War & Army Main Event: Chirac, Putin: No nee...
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1. 02-10 U.S. attacks NATO war plan veto Washington
2. 02-10 U.S. warns of N. Korea missile tests Pyongyang, North Korea
D. 02-10 ICC says England to skip match South Africa
E. 02-10 Africa leaders discuss Ivory Coast Ivory Coast
F. 02-10 2m pilgrims at Mt. Arafat for Hajj Saudi Arabia
02-10 Chirac, Putin: No need for war Paris
H. 02-10 Israel shuts West Bank, Gaza West Bank
8. 02-10 Iraq accepts spy plane flights Iraq
J. 02-10 Bush 'disappointed' by NATO stalemate Washington


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Morning News

Feb.10   Washington   U.S. attacks NATO war plan veto  Washington has criticised France, Germany and Belgium after they vetoed planning for protecting Turkey

  North Korea U.S. warns of N. Korea missile tests  Ambassador to Tokyo has warned of a possible missile test over Japan as part of Pyongyang's bid to ratchet up tension

  South Africa ICC says England to skip match  Organizers said they had decided to pull out and the England board said they hadn't

  Ivory Coast Africa leaders discuss Ivory Coast  African leaders to shore up a peace deal and install new prime minister, but rebels snubbed the summit

  Saudi Arabia 2m pilgrims at Mt. Arafat for Hajj  Nearly two million Muslim pilgrims converged for a solemn prayer ritual that is the highlight of the Hajj

Day News

  Paris     Chirac, Putin: No need for war
  Joint declaration is calling for U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq to be reinforced to disarm Saddam Hussein peacefully

  West Bank   Israel shuts West Bank, Gaza
  The restriction will remain in place 4 days and was intended to prevent terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens

  Iraq   Iraq accepts spy plane flights  Iraq has agreed to allow U-2 flights. The U.S. has brushed aside Iraq's new promises to co-operate

Evening News

  Washington     Bush 'disappointed' by NATO stalemate  President pronounced himself 'disappointed' after France, Germany and Belgium blocked a U.S.-led effort to defend Turkey

  Canada Man jailed for Air India bombing  A Sikh man has received a 5-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to the bombing of a jet in 1985

  Detroit Hull becomes sixth player with 700 goals  Hull was held without a goal in his previous 7 games. Only Wayne Gretzky scored 700 goals faster than Hull

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