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B. 02-12 Tenet: messages followed by attacks CIA
C. 02-12 South Africa routs Kenya South Africa
3. 02-12 Iraq moves Scud launchers Iraq
02-12 UN report: Iraq's missiles fly too far Iraq
F. 02-12 21 Hajj pilgrims trampled Saudi Arabia


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Morning News

Feb.12   CIA   Tenet: messages followed by attacks  CIA Director: United States is looking at whether the new audiotape from bin Laden 'is a signal of a pending attack'

  South Africa South Africa routs Kenya  Gibbs savaged the Kenyan attack

  Iraq Iraq moves Scud launchers  U.S. intelligence: 2 layers of Republican Guard defenses ring Baghdad

Evening News

  Iraq   UN report: Iraq's missiles fly too far
  International experts have determined that missiles can fly farther than allowed under U.N. resolutions

  North Korea     CIA: North Korea missile could reach U.S.
  CIA Director George Tenet: North Korea has an untested ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States

  Saudi Arabia   21 Hajj pilgrims trampled  Another 21 were trampled to death on their way to one of the rituals of the Hajj

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