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Disasters Main Event: Man with grenade held ...
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B. 02-13 Manila expels Iraq envoy over terror link Manila
C. 02-13 Enron 'bribed tax officials' U.S. Senate
D. 02-13 EU extends Zimbabwe sanctions European Union
E. 02-13 Solution hope for NATO crisis NATO
5. 02-13 NASA email warned of disaster Washington
02-13 Man with grenade held at Gatwick London
H. 02-13 U.S. to broker N. Korea's deal Washington
8. 02-13 NASA: puncture may be to blame Texas
9. 02-13 Ebola suspected in dozens of deaths Congo


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Morning News

Feb.13   Manila Manila expels Iraq envoy over terror link  Second Secretary Husham Husain was accused of having ties to the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group

  U.S. Senate Enron 'bribed tax officials'  The energy gian paid no income tax between 1996 and 1999 according to the investigation by the Senate Committee

  European Union EU extends Zimbabwe sanctions  The European Union allowed President Robert Mugabe to attend a Franco-African summit in Paris

  NATO Solution hope for NATO crisis  Germany is confident the crisis will be solved once the chief weapons inspectors report to the United Nations

  Washington NASA email warned of disaster  Engineer weighed the possibility of a catastrophic failure resulting from extreme heat on the shuttle's tires

Day News

  London   Man with grenade held at Gatwick
  Police have arrested a man at London's Airport after finding a live grenade in his luggage

  Washington   U.S. to broker N. Korea's deal  Powell: Bush administration will push for regional diplomacy in response to development of nuclear weapons

  Texas     NASA: puncture may be to blame  Engineers convinced Columbia's left wheel well was punctured, allowing super heated gas to leak into the wing

  Congo Ebola suspected in dozens of deaths  Nearly 50 people have been killed by a virus to be linked to the consumption of infected monkey meat

  Colombia Plane carrying Americans crashes  A U.S. government plane with 5 people on board crashed in rebel territory

Evening News

  South Korea   Kim Dae-jung sorry for summit scandal  Outgoing President has apologized on national television for a scandal involving relations with the North

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