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Crime Main Event: Inspectors: No banned arms...
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02-14 Inspectors: No banned arms found UN
C. 02-14 Arafat says he will name prime minister West Bank
3. 02-14 Police raid hit by explosion, 15 killed Colombia
E. 02-14 Navy group chief sacked Washington
F. 02-14 Hat-trick inspires Sri Lanka South Africa
G. 02-14 Dolly the cloned sheep dies Scotland
7. 02-14 2 executed near plane wreckage Colombia
8. 02-14 U.S.: Tape 'almost certainly' bin Laden Washington
J. 02-14 150,000 demonstrated against war Melbourne


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Morning News

Feb.14   UN   Inspectors: No banned arms found
  Blix and ElBaradei did not rule out the possibility that weapons of mass destruction may exist in Iraq

  West Bank     Arafat says he will name prime minister  Prime minister will serve under Arafat as head of the Palestinian Authority government

  Colombia Police raid hit by explosion, 15 killed  Police tried to stop an alleged presidential assassination plot

  Washington Navy group chief sacked  USS Kitty Hawk battle group commander Steven Kunkle had an 'improper relationship' with a woman naval officer

  South Africa Hat-trick inspires Sri Lanka  Vaas is claiming a hat-trick off the first 3 balls as Sri Lanka cantered to a 10-wicket victory over Bangladesh

  Scotland Dolly the cloned sheep dies  Dolly the sheep, first animal to be cloned from an adult cell, had a progressive lung disease

Day News

  Colombia 2 executed near plane wreckage  The bodies of American and Colombian who had been aboard a U.S. plane have been found a mile from the craft

  Washington U.S.: Tape 'almost certainly' bin Laden  A technical analysis of the tape aired on the Al-Jazeera shows the voice on the tape 'almost certainly' is that of Osama

Evening News

  Melbourne   150,000 demonstrated against war  It is the biggest peace march the city has seen since the Vietnam War

  California Hearst gangsters sentenced  4 former members of SLA have been sent to prison after being found guilty of the murder of a bank customer in 1975

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