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War & Army Main Event: Millions in peace pro...
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1. 02-15 Bomb kills 4 Israeli soldiers Gaza
2. 02-15 Tens of thousands protest war Iraq
D. 02-15 Australia races to 9-wicket win South Africa
02-15 Millions in peace protests European Union
5. 02-15 Huge crowds of anti-war demonstrators Manhattan
G. 02-15 PRI pushes death penalty vote Mexico
H. 02-15 Oil workers strike Nigeria
8. 02-15 Aziz: Destroying missiles is 'unacceptable' Italy
J. 02-15 Blair: Deposing Saddam 'humane' England


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Morning News

Feb.15   Gaza     Bomb kills 4 Israeli soldiers
  A roadside bomb blew up a tank near a Jewish settlement. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack

  Iraq   Tens of thousands protest war  Thousands of people flooded the streets of Baghdad, joining worldwide protesting a possible U.S.-led war

  South Africa Australia races to 9-wicket win  Defending champion raced to its second World Cup victory by crushing India. Australia overcame in the 23rd over

Day News

  European Union   Millions in peace protests
  In London police said the turnout was 750,000, the largest demonstration ever

  Manhattan     Huge crowds of anti-war demonstrators Map of Manhattan  100,000 demonstrators converged near the United Nations to protest the possible war

  Mexico PRI pushes death penalty vote  Politicians are suggesting the death penalty may be the best way to stop skyrocketing crime rates

  Nigeria Oil workers strike  An indefinite strike over pay and working conditions could shut down crude exports

  Italy Aziz: Destroying missiles is 'unacceptable'  Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister dismissed the idea of sending U.N. peacekeepers to Iraq

  England Blair: Deposing Saddam 'humane'  Prime minister would not 'shrink from military action' against Baghdad but urged a resolution through UN

Evening News

  Moscow   U.S., Russia push peaceful Korea solution  Statements are urging a diplomacy-driven and a resolution to the nuclear weapons crisis

  Sydney   Rally against war on Iraq  Hundred of thousands are attending a huge protest against a possible US-led war

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