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B. 02-19 15 years for 9/11 conspirator Germany
2. 02-19 11 killed in Israeli operation in Gaza City
3. 02-19 U.N.: Interviews still being taped Iraq
E. 02-19 Protesters call for Mugabe arrest France
02-19 Military plane crash kills 302 Iran
G. 02-19 Man Utd defeats Juve 2-1 England
7. 02-19 Blix to ask Iraq to destroy missiles UN
8. 02-19 Rumsfeld: War 'not inevitable' Washington
J. 02-19 Concorde in emergency landing Halifax, Maritime Provinces


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Morning News

Feb.19   Germany   15 years for 9/11 conspirator
  A court has jailed Mounir Motassadeq, a 28-year-old Moroccan man, for aiding the suicide hijackers

  Gaza   11 killed in Israeli operation in Gaza City Map of Gaza City Israel  Troops entered Gaza City, in what military sources called a targeted mission against the 'terror infrastructure'

  Iraq U.N.: Interviews still being taped  Inspectors have been unable to interview scientists in private without having the sessions tape recorded

  France Protesters call for Mugabe arrest  Human rights protesters have demanded the arrest of Zimbabwean President during his visit to Paris

Day News

  Iran   Military plane crash kills 302
  The plane was carrying 284 members of Islamic Revolutionary Guard and 18 crew members

  England Man Utd defeats Juve 2-1  Beckham is creating both goals

  UN Blix to ask Iraq to destroy missiles  Chief U.N. weapons inspector is expected to call on Iraq to destroy its al-Samoud 2 missiles

  Washington Rumsfeld: War 'not inevitable'  3 scenarios could avert a war: Saddam leaves voluntarily; involuntarily; or Saddam adheres to U.N. resolutions

  Maritime Provinces Concorde in emergency landing  An Air France plane carrying 56 people to NY from Paris landed safely in Halifax, after one of the engines malfunctioned

Evening News

  West Pakistan   Air force chief died in crashed plane  An air force plane has crashed in northwestern Pakistan. All 17 people aboard were killed

  South Korea North Korean fighter sparks alert  S. Korea scrambled 2 fighter jets and readied anti-aircraft missile batteries after a MiG briefly intruded into its airspace

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