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Disasters Main Event: 'Many dead' in Lagos b...
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02-02 'Many dead' in Lagos blast Nigeria
2. 02-02 Clues sought for shuttle disaster Texas
D. 02-02 Havel leaves power vacuum Czech Republic
E. 02-02 Inspectors accept Iraq invitation UN
F. 02-02 Discovery of body raises tension Abidjan, Ivory Coast
G. 02-02 Opposition leaders agree to ease strike Venezuela
7. 02-02 7 pupils killed in avalanche British Columbia, Western Canada
8. 02-02 Sensors: rising temperatures on Columbia Texas
J. 02-02 West beats East in All-Star game Florida


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Morning News

Feb.2   Nigeria   'Many dead' in Lagos blast
  A massive explosion levelled an apartment building. Nearby bank had been destroyed and was being looted

  Texas     Clues sought for shuttle disaster  Nasa has vowed to leave 'no stone unturned'. police teams scoured large areas in Texas for shuttle fragments

  Czech Republic Havel leaves power vacuum  The dissident playwright who led the protests that toppled Communist rule, is stepping down after 13 years as president

  UN Inspectors accept Iraq invitation  Iraqi official rules out meeting Blix and ElBaradei with Saddam

  Ivory Coast Discovery of body raises tension  A corpse of an opposition supporter had been found dumped where old cars are left in Abidjan's suburb

  Venezuela Opposition leaders agree to ease strike  Leaders of a strike would ease the work stoppage next week to protect businesses against bankruptcy

  Western Canada 7 pupils killed in avalanche  6 boys and one girl were swept to their deaths in Glacier National Park in east-central British Columbia

Day News

  Texas     Sensors: rising temperatures on Columbia
  In the final minutes something occurred on the craft's left side, significant enough to make the space craft roll to the right

  Florida West beats East in All-Star game  Dany Heatley scores 4, but West beats East 6-5 in shootout

  Kazakhstan Russian rocket heads for space station  Russia launched an unmanned cargo ship Progress M-47 atop a Soyuz-U rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome

  Switzerland Eberharter wins super-G  The defending World Cup leader staked his claim at the skiing world championships, his first world title for 12 years

Evening News

  Texas     NASA probe progressing, assessing data  Federal investigators formed teams to undertake the task of determining what went wrong when Columbia broke apart

San Francisco Bay Area , February 2, 2003 Timeline