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Politics Main Event: 96 killed in nightclub ...
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1. 02-20 Turkey demands pledges in writing Turkey
C. 02-20 Fog halts air crash search Iran
D. 02-20 10 more ETA suspects arrested Basque
4. 02-20 Strike leader arrested Venezuela
F. 02-20 U.S. troops may fight in Philippines Southern Philippines
G. 02-20 FBI charges professor with terrorism Florida
02-20 96 killed in nightclub inferno Rhode Island, New England
8. 02-20 'Secret' nuke plant, as probe begins Iran


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Morning News

Feb.20   Turkey     Turkey demands pledges in writing  Washington had made its final offer of economic aid in exchange for securing access to Turkish bases

  Iran   Fog halts air crash search  Heavy fog has forced rescue workers to call off for the night the search for wreckage of a plane

  Basque 10 more ETA suspects arrested  33 suspects who have been detained this week, including woman who run pro-independence newspaper

  Venezuela Strike leader arrested  Carlos Fernandez was snatched out by secret police and faces charges of treason and instigating violence

Day News

  Southern Philippines   U.S. troops may fight in Philippines Map of Southern Philippines
  Some 350 special operations troops will take part in a mission to 'disrupt and defeat' the Abu Sayyaf rebels

  Florida     FBI charges professor with terrorism  University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian said to be a top leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Evening News

  New England   96 killed in nightclub inferno
Map of Rhode Island USA
  Band's pyrotechnics display igniting soundproofing material. Fire engulfed the wooden structure in 3 minutes

  Iran 'Secret' nuke plant, as probe begins   A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency, headed by ElBaradei, is scheduled to visit a nuclear facility

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