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Disasters Main Event: Blast hits oil plant
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02-21 Blast hits oil plant Staten Island, New York
2. 02-21 Death toll rises to 65 in club inferno New England
D. 02-21 Iraq tops Blair, Berlusconi talks Italy
4. 02-21 Nightclub fire: Death toll at 95 New England
F. 02-21 Inspectors visit nuclear site Iran
G. 02-21 Chavez calls for labor leader's arrest Venezuela
H. 02-21 'Ebola spell' teachers stoned Congo
I. 02-21 Henin-Hardenne, Seles advance to final Dubai
J. 02-21 UN tells Iraq to destroy missiles UN


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Morning News

Feb.21   New York   Blast hits oil plant Map of Staten Island New York
  A massive explosion has struck an Exxon Mobil facility on Staten Island. The blast started a huge fire

  New England   Death toll rises to 65 in club inferno
  Search for bodies continuing. 160 people injured. Fire was breaking out during a pyrotechnics display at a rock concert

  Italy Iraq tops Blair, Berlusconi talks  British Prime Minister: Saddam can avoid war

Day News

  New England   Nightclub fire: Death toll at 95  Only a handful of the bodies have been identified. 25 people in critical condition

  Iran Inspectors visit nuclear site  A team of nuclear inspectors headed by International Atomic Energy chief ElBaradei visited one of 2 new nuclear facilities

  Venezuela Chavez calls for labor leader's arrest  Police searched for the leader of largest labor group after Chavez authorized his arrest on treason charges

  Congo 'Ebola spell' teachers stoned  Villagers have stoned and beaten to death 4 teachers accused of casting an evil spell to cause an outbreak

  Dubai Henin-Hardenne, Seles advance to final  Tournament top seed Henin-Hardenne of Belgium was given a torrid time by Capriati but finally won 7-5, 4-6, 6-4

Evening News

  UN   UN tells Iraq to destroy missiles
  Chief inspector Hans Blix has ordered that Iraq destroys dozens of banned missiles

  Washington   Mid-March targeted for U.N. vote  The Bush administration hopes that the Security Council will vote on a second resolution on Iraqi disarmament

  Croatia Croatia applied for EU membership  Prime Minister Ivica Racan, leader of a reformist coalition handed in the request

  New England At least 96 killed in nightclub inferno  7 of the 96 victims have been identified. 187 people were treated at area hospitals

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