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Crime Main Event: FARC rebels 'hold American...
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02-22 FARC rebels 'hold Americans' Colombia
2. 02-22 9 Shia worshippers killed Karachi
D. 02-22 ElBaradei: More Iraqi cooperation needed Iraq
E. 02-22 Pope to Blair: Avoid war 'tragedy' Vatican
F. 02-22 Military helicopter crash kills 8 Yemen
G. 02-22 U.N. resolution will be 'clear and simple' Washington
7. 02-22 Fischer: War may boost terrorists Berlin
8. 02-22 Bolivia may legalize coca Bolivia
J. 02-22 Mexico refuses to bend to U.S. on Iraq Mexico


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Morning News

Feb.22   Colombia     FARC rebels 'hold Americans'
  Left-wing group has said that it is holding three US citizens who vanished when their plane crash-landed

  Karachi   9 Shia worshippers killed  Gunmen have opened fire inside a Shia place of worship in the city of Karachi as worshippers were arriving

  Iraq     ElBaradei: More Iraqi cooperation needed  The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said that 'The world is getting impatient'

  Vatican Pope to Blair: Avoid war 'tragedy'  John Paul II has urged UK Prime Minister to make every effort 'to avert the tragedy of war'

  Yemen Military helicopter crash kills 8  Helicopter with 12 troops on board has crashed in the Red Sea due to a technical fault

Day News

  Washington     U.N. resolution will be 'clear and simple'  President Bush said resolution should address just one question: Is Saddam Hussein complying with a November resolution

  Berlin Fischer: War may boost terrorists  Foreign Minister has warned that a war to disarm Iraq could strengthen the hand of 'international terrorism'

  Bolivia Bolivia may legalize coca  The president is considering a plan to resume cultivation of the raw ingredient in cocaine in a remote basin

  Mexico Mexico refuses to bend to U.S. on Iraq  U.N. Security Council member vowed to maintain its opposition to an attack on Iraq

Evening News

  USA Tyson win over Etienne after 49 seconds  Mike Tyson enjoyed a stunning return to the ring by knocking out Clifford Etienne with a savage right hand

  Pakistan Shiite Muslims riot after mosque attack  Shiite Muslims burned a truck, smashed restaurant windows and threw objects at a provincial official

  Colombia U.S. adds to military presence  Additional U.S. military personnel have been dispatched to Colombia, where leftist rebels held 3 Americans captive

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