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B. 02-23 Violence claims 8 Gaza
C. 02-23 U.S. presses Turkey on war deal Turkey
3. 02-23 14 die in bus plunge Greece
E. 02-23 US warned over North Korea South Korea
02-23 6.8 earthquake rocks western China Xinjiang, Western China
G. 02-23 France resists resolution pressure Paris
7. 02-23 7 arrested in subway fire South Korea


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Morning News

Feb.23   Gaza   Violence claims 8  7 Palestinians, most of them armed, and Israeli soldier have been killed in a day of intense fighting

  Turkey U.S. presses Turkey on war deal  U.S. diplomats and military officials try to reach a deal allowing U.S. forces to use bases in Turkey for a possible war

  Greece 14 die in bus plunge  The bus crashed through double barriers and plunged into the Aliakmon river. 8 injured, a child missing

Day News

  South Korea US warned over North Korea  President-elect Roh Moo-hyun has said that Washington should not risk 'too much'

Evening News

  Western China   6.8 earthquake rocks western China Map of Xinjiang China
  At least 257 people are reported dead after an earthquake hit region of Xinjiang. 1,000 houses collapsed in one village

  Paris   France resists resolution pressure  Foreign Minister de Villepin has said his country sees no need for a new United Nations resolution on Iraq

  South Korea 7 arrested in subway fire  Authorities will seek to indict the drivers of the two trains engulfed by flames. 300 people are still listed as missing

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