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Politics Main Event: N. Korea test fires mis...
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1. 02-24 Battle ahead on Iraq resolution UN
2. 02-24 Sharon secures majority coalition Jerusalem
D. 02-24 Serb hardliner surrenders at Hague UN Tribunal
E. 02-24 Aids vaccine only limited success San Francisco Bay Area
F. 02-24 Kenya upsets Sri Lanka Kenya
G. 02-24 Afghan minister dies in plane crash Pakistan
02-24 N. Korea test fires missile Seoul, North Korea
8. 02-24 U.S., U.K., Spain introduce new resolution UN
J. 02-24 Missing US men 'prisoners of war' Colombia


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Morning News

Feb.24   UN     Battle ahead on Iraq resolution  The German and French governments have put themselves on a collision course with U.S. over a second resolution

  Jerusalem Sharon secures majority coalition  The centrist, secular Shinui party has agreed to join coalition government

  UN Tribunal Serb hardliner surrenders at Hague  Vojislav Seselj will face charges that his paramilitary troops committed atrocities during wars in Croatia and Bosnia

  San Francisco Bay Area Aids vaccine only limited success  The first Aids vaccine to be tested on humans may protect black and Asian people

  Kenya Kenya upsets Sri Lanka  Kenya produced the biggest shock of the World Cup on by beating 1996 champion and group leader by 53 runs

  Pakistan Afghan minister dies in plane crash  A chartered small aircraft carrying 7 people has crashed in the Arabian Sea off Pakistan killing all on board

Day News

  North Korea   N. Korea test fires missile
Map of Seoul North Korea
  North Korea has fired a missile into the Sea of Japan as world leaders gather in Seoul for the inauguration of a president

  UN   U.S., U.K., Spain introduce new resolution
  Resolution designed to clear the way for military action against Iraq on the grounds that it has failed to disarm

  Colombia     Missing US men 'prisoners of war'  Left-wing rebels of FARC say hostages will only be freed in return for the release of several fellow militants

  India 17 members of BJP killed in truck accident  A truck crowded with members of ruling party plunged from a mountain road into a gorge killing 17 and injuring 25 others

Evening News

  Venezuela   Blasts damage diplomatic buildings  Near-simultaneous explosions badly damaged the Spanish Embassy and the Colombian consulate

  New Zealand   Cyanide mail sparks alert  Police are investigating threatening letters, one of which contained cyanide, sent to diplomatic missions

San Francisco Bay Area , February 24, 2003 Timeline