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Sports Main Event: Saddam: I will die in Iraq
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B. 02-25 Powell: Missile test 'no surprise' South Korea
C. 02-25 N. Korea protests 'spy' flights North Korea
D. 02-25 Campus blasts injure 9 Beijing
4. 02-25 Wasim claims 500th one-day wicket South Africa
F. 02-25 Aftershock rocks quake zone China
02-25 Saddam: I will die in Iraq Baghdad
H. 02-25 No N. Korea sanctions: Powell South Korea
8. 02-25 Man Utd rolls over Juve, into quarters Northern Italy
9. 02-25 Milan wins over Lokomotiv to advance Moscow


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Morning News

Feb.25   South Korea     Powell: Missile test 'no surprise'  U.S. Secretary of State was in South Korea for the swearing in of President Roh Moo-hyun

  North Korea N. Korea protests 'spy' flights  North's news agency has accused the US of flying a spy plane into its airspace in preparation for a 'preemptive attack

  Beijing Campus blasts injure 9  The devices in the cafeteria areas at 2 universities appear to have been built using homemade explosives

  South Africa Wasim claims 500th one-day wicket  Pakistan wins 97-run over the Netherlands in World Cup Group A

  China Aftershock rocks quake zone  Rescue workers continued searching through rubble for survivors of a powerful quake

Day News

  Baghdad     Saddam: I will die in Iraq
  Speaking an interview with Dan Rather, the Iraqi president said he will not go into exile to avoid a war

  South Korea     No N. Korea sanctions: Powell  The U.S. are hoping instead to increase diplomatic and political pressure on Pyongyang to rid it of its nuclear ambitions

  Northern Italy Man Utd rolls over Juve, into quarters  Substitute Ryan Giggs was scoring twice in an emphatic 3-0 victory in Group D

  Moscow Milan wins over Lokomotiv to advance  AC Milan secured a place in the Champions League quarterfinals with a comfortable 1-0 win in second phase Group C match

  Washington Rumsfeld: Iraq military may still be potent  U.S. forces would face a much weaker Iraqi military than in the 1991 Persian Gulf War

  Congo Ebola outbreak controlled  The toll has risen to 75 deaths among 93 cases

  Texas NASA: debris part of shuttle wing  A piece of Columbia debris found in far west Texas came from the upper section of the left wing

Evening News

  Iraq   Iraq pleases Blix but U.S. unmoved  Iraq still reluctant to comply with a UN demand to destroy its stockpile of Al Samoud 2 missiles

  Beijing China denies missile link  Beijing has angrily denied the missile Pyongyang fired into the Sea of Japan was imported from China

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