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1. 02-26 Foreign minister replaced Jerusalem
C. 02-26 'Wrong Bond' freed after FBI probe South Africa
D. 02-26 Drug war toll nears 1,000 Thailand
02-26 N. Korea restarts nuke reactor Pyongyang, North Korea
5. 02-26 Bush: Democratic Iraq could be 'example' Washington
G. 02-26 New WTC plan is chosen New York
7. 02-26 Sharon, Mubarak to renew talks Egypt
I. 02-26 Barca draws Inter to close on last 8 Italy
J. 02-26 Engineers warned of shuttle wing burning Texas


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Morning News

Feb.26   Jerusalem     Foreign minister replaced  Sharon has removed rival Netanyahu as foreign minister and offered the post to Finance Minister Silvan Shalom

  South Africa 'Wrong Bond' freed after FBI probe  The British grandfather spent 3 weeks in a police cell after being mistaken for one of America's most wanted criminals

  Thailand Drug war toll nears 1,000  Interior ministry has said that the death toll has reached 993 since the campaign started on 1 February

Day News

  North Korea   N. Korea restarts nuke reactor Map of Pyongyang North Korea
  5-megawatt reactor has been reactivated, a sign Pyongyang is going ahead with its nuclear weapons program

  Washington     Bush: Democratic Iraq could be 'example'  Creating a 'free and peaceful' country will be a difficult task requiring a 'sustained commitment'

  New York New WTC plan is chosen  A complex of angular buildings and a 1,776-foot spire were designed by architect Daniel Libeskind

  Egypt Sharon, Mubarak to renew talks  Israeli Prime Minister will meet with Egyptian President to discuss the Palestinian issue and a possible attack on Iraq

  Italy Barca draws Inter to close on last 8  Barcelona virtually wrapped up a place in the Champions League quarterfinals with a hard-fought 0-0 draw

  Texas Engineers warned of shuttle wing burning  The day before the Columbia broke up, engineers expressed concern that its left wing might burn off

  New England Suspicious blaze kills 10 at nursing home  Police have detained a female resident of the nursing home. Her doctor has declared her unstable

  Colombia Army helicopter crashes with 23 aboard  The U.S.-made Black Hawk went down in bad weather as it hunted leftist guerrillas

Evening News

  Argentina Argentina seeks Iranian diplomats  Prosecutors are seeking international arrest warrants over the 1994 attack on a Jewish community centre

San Francisco Bay Area , February 26, 2003 Timeline