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War & Army Main Event
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1. 02-27 11 years for Bosnia's 'Iron Lady' UN Tribunal
C. 02-27 Sec. Council holds closed Iraq meeting UN Security Council
D. 02-27 Turkey delays vote on U.S. troops Turkey
4. 02-27 Rebels executed police Bouake, Ivory Coast
02-27 Iraq says it will destroy missiles Baghdad
G. 02-27 Sharon presents 4-party government Jerusalem
H. 02-27 Bill Gates again richest man in world Microsoft
I. 02-27 U.N. slams N. Korea nuke restart UN
9. 02-27 Army on street for carnival Rio de Janeiro


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Morning News

Feb.27   UN Tribunal   11 years for Bosnia's 'Iron Lady'
  Biljana Plavsic, 72, has been sentenced after pleading guilty to war crimes during the bloody 1992-1995 war

  UN Security Council   Sec. Council holds closed Iraq meeting  U.S. tried to line up support for a proposed resolution declaring Iraq has missed its last chance to disarm

  Turkey     Turkey delays vote on U.S. troops  The parliament wanted to await the conclusion of a National Security Council meeting

  Ivory Coast Rebels executed police  Main rebel faction executed at least 52 paramilitary police and 8 of their sons in the rebel stronghold of Bouake

Day News

  Baghdad   Iraq says it will destroy missiles
  Iraq has informed the United Nations that it will comply with an instruction from chief inspector Hans Blix

  Jerusalem     Sharon presents 4-party government  Prime Minister is saying no to two key Palestinian demands for peace. Netanyahu demoted to finance minister

  Microsoft Bill Gates again richest man in world  The Microsoft chairman is worth $40.7bn. Investment legend Warren Buffet ranked second in Forbes' annual league

  UN U.N. slams N. Korea nuke restart  International Atomic Energy Agency is unable to verify what is happening at Yongbyon nuclear complex

Evening News

  Rio de Janeiro Army on street for carnival  The government for the first time sending troops onto the streets following a wave of violence by drug gangs

  China Dissident loses appeal  A US-based Wang Bingzhang, 55, has lost his appeal against a life sentence imposed for espionage and terrorism

San Francisco Bay Area , February 27, 2003 Timeline