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Politics Main Event: Yugoslavia officially a...
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1. 02-04 UK and France admit Iraq differences France
C. 02-04 NASA memo warned of tile damage Texas
3. 02-04 Peronist governor tops presidential poll Argentina
4. 02-04 Shuttle row cleric ousted England
F. 02-04 Opposition 'sought Mugabe murder' Zimbabwe
G. 02-04 Ferry death toll revised by 700 Senegal
02-04 Yugoslavia officially abolished Serbia
8. 02-04 Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it' New York


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Morning News

Feb.4   France     UK and France admit Iraq differences  Chirac: We must act through U.N. President emerged from a summit with British Prime Minister Blair

  Texas     NASA memo warned of tile damage  The memo noted that debris striking the left wing after takeoff might have 'the potential for a large damage area to the tile'

  Argentina Peronist governor tops presidential poll  Nestor Kirchner backed by President Duhalde crept to first place in unpredictable presidential race

  England Shuttle row cleric ousted  Abu Hamza sparked a storm by welcoming the deaths of the 7 astronauts killed in the Columbia shuttle disaster

  Zimbabwe Opposition 'sought Mugabe murder'  The witness in Tsvangirai's treason trial said the veteran activist sought to have President killed to spark a coup d'etat

  North Korea N. Korea hits out at U.S. military moves  North Korea is accusing Washington of attempting 'to crush us to death'

  Senegal Ferry death toll revised by 700  More than 1,800 people died in the September sinking, the prime minister said

Day News

  Serbia     Yugoslavia officially abolished
  Lawmakers are replacing Yugoslavia with a loose union of its remaining two republics, Serbia and Montenegro

  New York     Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it'  Secretary of State will present a multimedia presentation to the Security Council and unveil video, slides and audiotapes

  Texas NASA remembers 'Columbia seven'  Thousands of people gathered at Johnson Space Center. Bush said the nation shared in the families' sorrow and pride

  England Board calls for Zimbabwe security review  England's cricket board asked World Cup organizers to consider moving game out of Zimbabwe for security reasons

  New York World Trade Center finalists chosen  2 plans would create the world's tallest structure. Libeskind and the international Think team are behind the plans

Evening News

  Ivory Coast UN backs peacekeepers  French and West African troops have won a mandate from the Security Council to use force in peace-keeping operations

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