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1. 02-05 Howard censured over Iraq Australia
2. 02-05 Court bars eunuchs from female posts India
D. 02-05 Unemployment hits new high Germany
4. 02-05 Chirac and Blair agree to disagree France
F. 02-05 Video captured shuttle breakup Washington
02-05 Powell made evidence presentation UN Security Council
H. 02-05 N. Korea restarts nuke plant North Korea
I. 02-05 Court seeks life for 9/11 suspect Germany
9. 02-05 Nations take sides after Powell's speech UN


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Morning News

Feb.5   Australia     Howard censured over Iraq  The Senate has passed a motion of 'no confidence' in the Prime Minister over his handling of the situation in Iraq

  India Court bars eunuchs from female posts  A court has ruled that eunuchs are male, barring them from seeking elected offices reserved for women

  Germany Unemployment hits new high  The number of people out of work rose 62,000 in January to 4.274 million

  France Chirac and Blair agree to disagree  Agreements were stitched up during the mini-summit on immigration, education and European defence issues

  Washington Video captured shuttle breakup  NASA to examine military video of shuttle Columbia breaking up over Texas

Day News

  UN Security Council     Powell made evidence presentation
  Britain and France were at opposite ends of Security Council reaction after presentation of Iraq's noncooperation

  North Korea   N. Korea restarts nuke plant
  North Korea has reactivated its nuclear power facilities. Rumsfeld called the development, a 'worrisome thing'

  Germany Court seeks life for 9/11 suspect  A Moroccan student El Motassadeq is facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted

Evening News

  UN   Nations take sides after Powell's speech  Iraq's ambassador denied the U.S. allegations, saying they were 'utterly unrelated to the truth'

  Venezuela Currency rate fixed  Chavez suspended the sale of dollars for two weeks because of a crippling general strike

  West Bank 6 killed in violence  In a night of fresh violence 4 Palestinians and 2 Israelis have been killed in 2 separate incidents

  USA Iraq could be pretense for terror attack  Officials: The threat of an attack on U.S. soil is at a higher level than in previous months

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