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Crime Main Event: N. Korea issues war warning
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02-06 N. Korea issues war warning North Korea
C. 02-06 Turkey to let U.S. upgrade bases Turkey
3. 02-06 3 attack suspects held Hamburg
E. 02-06 Miller grabs men's combined world title Switzerland
F. 02-06 Tornado kills 164 Congo
G. 02-06 Iraq allows private scientist interview Iraq
7. 02-06 Terror suspects got al Qaeda training France
I. 02-06 Nonessential U.N. staff to leave Ivory Coast


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Morning News

Feb.6   North Korea   N. Korea issues war warning
  North Korea warned that any pre-emptive attack by the U. S. will spark a 'full-scale war' on the Korean Peninsula

  Turkey Turkey to let U.S. upgrade bases  Parliament has granted the United States permission to upgrade bases and ports for possible use in an Iraqi conflict

  Hamburg 3 attack suspects held  Prosecutors were questioning men suspected of planning attacks in Germany and of supporting the al Qaeda cell in Hamburg

  Switzerland Miller grabs men's combined world title  Bode Miller captured his first major title with a blazing run in the second slalom heat at the world championships

  Congo Tornado kills 164  The 15-minute twister tore through remote villages in central Congo, destroying homes and ruining crops

Day News

  Iraq   Iraq allows private scientist interview  A scientist has been privately interviewed by UN weapons experts

  Washington     Bush to Iraq: 'The game is over'  President challenged the United Nations to back its words with actions. U.S. sending more troops, ships to the Gulf

  France Terror suspects got al Qaeda training  2 senior al Qaeda figures helped train the people suspected of planning chemical and biological attacks in France and England

  Ivory Coast Nonessential U.N. staff to leave  President has scheduled an address in which he is expected to announce whether he will go along with the deal

Evening News

  Berlin Human rights top Sri Lanka talks  Tamil Tiger rebels and the Sri Lankan Government are meeting for a 5th round of peace talks

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