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War & Army Main Event: Club blast kills 33
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B. 02-07 Bush to raise terrorism threat level Washington
2. 02-07 Rumsfeld warns Iraq against attacks Italy
3. 02-07 N. Korea warns against aggression North Korea
4. 02-07 Rebels issue ultimatum Ivory Coast
F. 02-07 Prestige captain on $3m bail Spain
G. 02-07 President calls peace deal good start Ivory Coast
7. 02-07 UN interviews more Iraqi scientists Iraq
02-07 Club blast kills 33 Bogota, Colombia
J. 02-07 India expels Pakistan's top envoy New Delhi


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Morning News

Feb.7   Washington   Bush to raise terrorism threat level
  President will raise the national terrorism threat level from an elevated risk of terrorist attacks to a high risk

  Italy     Rumsfeld warns Iraq against attacks  U.S. Defense Secretary issued a stern warning to Iraqi military commanders

  North Korea N. Korea warns against aggression  North Korea has warned the peninsula risks a nuclear disaster and would be reduced to ashes in the event of aggression

  Ivory Coast Rebels issue ultimatum  3 rebel factions fired off an ultimatum to President, giving him one week to respect a Paris-brokered peace deal

  Spain Prestige captain on $3m bail  The Greek captain of the sunken oil tanker left a jail after nearly 3 months following the posting of a bond

Day News

  Ivory Coast   President calls peace deal good start  Laurent Gbagbo urged the Ivorian people to accept the spirit in which it was framed

  Iraq   UN interviews more Iraqi scientists  3 Iraqi scientists have been interviewed in private by weapons inspectors in Baghdad

Evening News

  Colombia     Club blast kills 33 Map of Bogota Colombia
  Car bomb rocked a northern Bogota social club. A large crater was discovered in the third-floor parking lot

  New Delhi   India expels Pakistan's top envoy  Indian police accused Pakistan's high commissioner of funding separatists in Indian-administered Kashmir

  Washington     Bush: 'Defining moment' for Sec. Council  President is saying now was the time to decide whether its resolution ordering Iraq to disarm 'will have any force'

  New York   Computer Holds Kasparov to Match Tie  The match pitting star grandmaster against the computing power of Deep Junior ended in a draw

San Francisco Bay Area , February 7, 2003 Timeline