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Politics Main Event: Blix hails 'useful' Bag...
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B. 02-08 Cricket World Cup begins South Africa
2. 02-08 Inspectors in Baghdad talks Baghdad
D. 02-08 Walchhofer wins downhill world title Switzerland
E. 02-08 U.S. warns of soft targets attack Washington
02-08 Blix hails 'useful' Baghdad talks Baghdad
6. 02-08 Annan: U.S. should seek consensus UN
7. 02-08 Road map to peace postponed West Bank
I. 02-08 Sri Lanka rebels to end child soldiers Berlin


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Morning News

Feb.8   South Africa   Cricket World Cup begins  54 one-day games are scheduled to be played in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya over the 6 weeks

  Baghdad   Inspectors in Baghdad talks  United Nations' chief weapons inspectors begin what could be a final assessment of Iraq's compliance with U.N. demands

  Switzerland Walchhofer wins downhill world title  Austria's Michael Walchhofer capture the gold medal in the men's downhill at the Alpine Skiing World Championship

  Washington U.S. warns of soft targets attack  Transportation security was increased and health care officials to be vigilant for symptoms of bio-chemical contamination

Day News

  Baghdad   Blix hails 'useful' Baghdad talks
  The UN chief weapons inspector has said that a first day of talks has been 'very substantial'

  UN     Annan: U.S. should seek consensus  Secretary-General said that the issue of Iraqi disarmament is 'not for any one state but for the international community'

  West Bank Road map to peace postponed  Middle East Quartet to postpone road map until a new Israeli government is formed and the situation in Iraq is resolved

Evening News

  Berlin Sri Lanka rebels to end child soldiers  The agreement came at the end of 2 days of peace talks aimed at ending a war

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