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Politics Main Event: NATO facing split over ...
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1. 02-09 Tensions ignite new crisis Kashmir
2. 02-09 Iraq releases documents Iraq
D. 02-09 Palestinian car rams army post Gaza
4. 02-09 Mecca pilgrimage heads for Mina Mecca
F. 02-09 Shuttle recovery teams redeployed Texas
G. 02-09 White House dismisses inspectors' optimism Washington
H. 02-09 West Indies earn upset win against host South Africa
8. 02-09 Chavez threatens to jail strikers Venezuela
02-09 NATO facing split over Turkey NATO


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Morning News

Feb.9   Kashmir   Tensions ignite new crisis  An India says Pakistani policies result in expanded safe havens for al-Qaeda on the Afghan-Pakistan border

  Iraq   Iraq releases documents  Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix: Talks positive, but Iraq can do more

  Gaza Palestinian car rams army post  A car carrying 3 Palestinians, and loaded with explosives, detonated as it crashed into a barrier

  Mecca Mecca pilgrimage heads for Mina  2 million Muslim pilgrims jammed the roads after completing the first ritual of the hajj at Mecca

  Texas Shuttle recovery teams redeployed  More than half of those searching in Nacogdoches County were reassigned to neighboring counties

Day News

  Washington   White House dismisses inspectors' optimism  2 days of talks between the chief inspectors and high-level Iraqi officials gave the inspectors hope

  South Africa West Indies earn upset win against host  Brian Lara struck a peerless hundred in an extraordinary opening World Cup Group B match

  Venezuela Chavez threatens to jail strikers  President threatened to jail thousands of oil workers fired for leading a 2-month strike against him

Evening News

  NATO     NATO facing split over Turkey
  3 European nations want to delay a decision on sending hardware for self-defense into Turkey

  Paris     Putin in Paris 'anti-war' talks  Russian President met German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in Berlin

  China   U.S.-based dissident jailed for life  A Chinese court has sentenced Wang Bingzhang, 55, for spying for Taiwan and leading a 'terrorist' group

  Montenegro Presidential elections fail again  Turnout is falling short of the required 50% minimum for the vote to be valid

  US Georgia West wins first double-OT All-Star Game  Michael Jordan said goodbye to the All-Star Game as the West beat the East 155-145

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