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War & Army Main Event: Two U.S. soldiers kil...
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07-10 Two U.S. soldiers killed Sunni Triangle
C. 07-10 Bush in Botswana to highlight AIDS plight Botswana
D. 07-10 Bin Laden 'inspired Bali attacks' Bali
E. 07-10 Petacchi hat trick France
F. 07-10 Powell: Bush to make Liberia decision soon Washington
G. 07-10 Delhi-Lahore bus service resumes New Delhi
7. 07-10 Army 'error' led to Lynch capture Iraq
8. 07-10 Rumsfeld stands by war rationale Washington
J. 07-10 Blast at office building Karachi


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Morning News

Jul.10   Sunni Triangle   Two U.S. soldiers killed  In 2 separate attacks convoys came under fire in Tikrit and south of Baghdad near Mahmudiyah

  Botswana     Bush in Botswana to highlight AIDS plight  Bush will meet with President Mogae during his one-day visit and is scheduled to tour Global Competitiveness Hub

  Bali Bin Laden 'inspired Bali attacks'  The bombers followed a call to attack Western interests, an Indonesian court has heard

  France Petacchi hat trick  Italian takes 5th stage of Tour; Pena holds lead. Victor Hugo Pena is second overall

Day News

  Washington     Powell: Bush to make Liberia decision soon  President will decide in the next few days whether to send U.S. troops to enforce a cease-fire, Powell announced

  New Delhi Delhi-Lahore bus service resumes  The first buses between India and Pakistan in 18 months are marking the resumption of a service between the countries

  Iraq Army 'error' led to Lynch capture  An ambush in which 11 U.S. soldiers died and 6 were captured occurred because of mistakes and malfunctions

  Washington Rumsfeld stands by war rationale  Defense Secretary is calling a now-retracted report about Iraqi uranium purchases 'one scrap' of a larger picture

Evening News

  Karachi Blast at office building  A powerful bomb is killing at least two people

  Indonesia Police arrest key JI members  Police had arrested several senior members of the Jemaah Islamiyah terror organization

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