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War & Army Main Event: Antiwar rallies acros...
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03-15 Antiwar rallies across the world England
C. 03-15 Serbia bids farewell to Djindjic Belgrade
D. 03-15 al Qaeda suspect arrested Pakistan
E. 03-15 Alert issued as flu fears grow Southeast Asia
F. 03-15 Sri Lanka secures semifinal spot South Africa
6. 03-15 Hussein put country on war footing Iraq
7. 03-15 9 policemen, 2 civilians dead in attack Kashmir


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Morning News

Mar.15   England   Antiwar rallies across the world  Antiwar demonstrations are taking place, as the chances of a diplomatic solution to the Iraq crisis appear to fade

  Belgrade   Serbia bids farewell to Djindjic  Hundreds of thousands have thronged the streets of Belgrade. International dignitaries joined widow and two children

  Pakistan al Qaeda suspect arrested  Pakistani officials identified the man as Yassir al Jazeera

Day News

  Southeast Asia     Alert issued as flu fears grow  The World Health Organisation is issuing an emergency travel advisory amid fears that a virus may be spreading

  South Africa Sri Lanka secures semifinal spot  An unbeaten century by opener Atapattu propelled Sri Lanka to a 74-run Super 6 win over Zimbabwe

Evening News

  Iraq   Hussein put country on war footing  A decree has set up 4 regional commands to take the necessary steps to 'destroy any foreign aggression'

  Kashmir 9 policemen, 2 civilians dead in attack  Leaders of main separatist alliance held talks with opposition Congress Party president, Sonia Ghandi

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