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05-01 Children trapped in quake Turkey
C. 05-01 '10 killed' in Israeli incursion Gaza
3. 05-01 Bus plunge: dozens die South Africa
E. 05-01 Rumsfeld: Major combat over Afghanistan
F. 05-01 Bush calls end to 'major combat' Lincoln, USA
G. 05-01 Suspect may know bin Laden's location Pakistan
H. 05-01 Celtics moving on in playoffs over Pacers Boston
I. 05-01 New Jersey advanced over Milwaukee New Jersey
9. 05-01 Boys found alive in quake rubble Turkey


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Morning News

May.1   Turkey   Children trapped in quake
  A frantic search is continuing for 200 children trapped under the debris of their school dormitory

  Gaza     '10 killed' in Israeli incursion  47 injured after Israeli forces destroyed the house of a Hamas activist

  South Africa     Bus plunge: dozens die  Up to 80 people are feared dead after a bus driver drove into a reservoir after losing his way

  Afghanistan Rumsfeld: Major combat over  U.S. Defense Secretary: Major combat in Afghanistan has ended

Day News

  USA     Bush calls end to 'major combat' Map of Lincoln USA
  From the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln President delivers a nationally televised address

  Pakistan Suspect may know bin Laden's location  Captured Ali Abed al Aziz is a nephew of a reputed al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

  Boston Celtics moving on in playoffs over Pacers  Indiana couldn't make it out of the first round for the third consecutive season after 110-90 loss

  New Jersey New Jersey advanced over Milwaukee  NEW JERSEY 113, MILWAUKEE 101. Martin scored 29 points

Evening News

  Turkey   Boys found alive in quake rubble  45 students remained trapped under the rubble of a collapsed dormitory

  Australia Queen's envoy protected sex abuser  Governor-General Peter Hollingworth has come under renewed pressure to resign

  Los Angeles Lakers show T'wolves first-round door  Los Angeles is moving on in the playoffs. Lakers beat the Timberwolves 101-85 winning the best-of-7 series 4-2

  Beijing China fears 'many more' SARS cases  Beijing health official has said that the current high rate of more than 100 a day

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