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Crime Main Event: Death for SARS spreaders
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05-15 Death for SARS spreaders China
C. 05-15 US considers Iraq sanctions deal UN
3. 05-15 Attack on U.S. Embassy thwarted Beirut
E. 05-15 Spurs' rout ends Lakers' three-year reign Los Angeles
5. 05-15 Dissident: bin Laden behind Saudi attacks Saudi Arabia
6. 05-15 Yemeni pair charged in USS Cole bombing Washington
H. 05-15 Shiites demand large role Iraq
I. 05-15 WHO optimism on SARS grows Beijing
J. 05-15 South Korea's president meets Bush Washington


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Morning News

May.15   China     Death for SARS spreaders
  China has threatened to execute or jail for life anyone who deliberately spreads the killer virus

  UN   US considers Iraq sanctions deal  The US may accept an initial suspension of UN sanctions rather than press for an immediate end to them

  Beirut Attack on U.S. Embassy thwarted  A planned rocket attack has been thwarted by Lebanese authorities. 9 suspects has been detained

Day News

  Los Angeles   Spurs' rout ends Lakers' three-year reign  San Antonio overpowered the tired, beat-up LA 110-82 to win the Western Conference semifinal series 4-2

  Saudi Arabia     Dissident: bin Laden behind Saudi attacks  Saad al Fagih, 44, is a leading Saudi dissident who broadcasts a nightly radio newscast

  Washington Yemeni pair charged in USS Cole bombing  A federal grand jury indicted Fahd Al-Quso and Jamal Mohammad Ahmad Ali Al-Badawi with helping the al Qaeda

  Iraq Shiites demand large role  Thousands gathered in Baghdad to protest against a foreign administration

Evening News

  Beijing     WHO optimism on SARS grows  Canada and Vietnam have been taken off the list of countries where transmission of the disease is occurring

  Washington South Korea's president meets Bush  Roh Moo-hyun says that although North Korean alarm may be 'helpfu' in resolving the ongoing nuclear standoff

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