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05-05 Iraqi woman biologist held Iraq
C. 05-05 Sars fears shut reservoirs Beijing
3. 05-05 African leaders press Mugabe Zimbabwe
E. 05-05 Dozens die in floods Kenya
5. 05-05 Anti-apartheid icon Walter Sisulu dead South Africa
6. 05-05 Abbas claims road map advances West Bank
H. 05-05 10,000 people quarantined in Nanjing Southern China
8. 05-05 Angry Chinese riot over SARS China


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Morning News

May.5   Iraq   Iraqi woman biologist held
  Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash was number 53 of the U.S. list of the most wanted Iraqis. She negotiated her surrender

  Beijing     Sars fears shut reservoirs  Scores of medical workers are leaving their jobs as the number of cases of the virus continues to soar

  Zimbabwe African leaders press Mugabe  Presidents of South Africa, Nigeria and Malawi met with Mugabe to resolve the country's political deadlock

  Kenya Dozens die in floods  Floods have killed at least 28 people and forced thousands to flee their submerged homes

Day News

  South Africa   Anti-apartheid icon Walter Sisulu dead  Walter Sisulu, 90, was and long-time friend of Nelson Mandela

  Kansas   Tornadoes kill 38 Map of Kansas  Residents of Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and western Tennessee were cleaning up

  West Bank Abbas claims road map advances  The new Palestinian prime minister asserted that Palestinians have made strides but said the Israelis haven't

  Southern China 10,000 people quarantined in Nanjing  SARS outbreak claimed 206 lives in China and infected 4,280 people

Evening News

  China Angry Chinese riot over SARS  Riots have broken out in eastern China over the quarantine

  Pakistan Pakistan offers to go nuclear free  Pakistan to dismantle its nuclear weapons program if India 'is ready to denuclearize'

  Southern California Anaheim ends Dallas' season with 4-3 win  Ozolinsh scored with 1:06 remaining in a wild third period to lift Ducks to a 4-3 victory over the Stars

San Francisco Bay Area , May 5, 2003 Timeline