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Crime Main Event: Purported Saddam tape urge...
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05-07 Purported Saddam tape urges resistance Iraq
C. 05-07 SARS fight goes rural China
3. 05-07 2,274 dead in drugs crackdown Thailand
E. 05-07 U.S. lifts Angola sanctions Angola
5. 05-07 Former regional chairman detained Iraq
6. 05-07 Video shows al Qaeda cell Hamburg
H. 05-07 Milan, Inter play to stalemate in semi Milan
I. 05-07 Fears of genocide build Congo


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Morning News

May.7   Iraq     Purported Saddam tape urges resistance  An audiotape calls on the people of Iraq to reject the 'invaders,' while promising that victory is coming

  China     SARS fight goes rural  A lack of medical facilities and experts in the countryside are leading to fears the outbreak may spiral out of control

  Thailand 2,274 dead in drugs crackdown  Prime minister has defended his controversial war trumpeting the successful conclusion of a three-month campaign

  Angola U.S. lifts Angola sanctions  Bush lifted all sanctions against the former rebel movement UNITA

  Iraq Former regional chairman detained  US-led forces have detained Ghazi Hamud al-Adib, the Baath party chairman for the Wasit governorate

Day News

  UN     US moves to end Iraq sanctions
  Bush is announcing he was lifting some of Washington's trade restrictions immediately

  Hamburg   Video shows al Qaeda cell Map of Hamburg  A tape shows 9/11 hijackers and plotters attending a wedding reception in Hamburg in 1999

  Milan Milan, Inter play to stalemate in semi  Clubs drew the opening leg of their Champions League semifinal 0-0

  Congo Fears of genocide build  Under pressure Uganda is withdrawing its troops. Renewed ethnic fighting and civilian slaughter could erupt

  Southern Iraq Cholera outbreak feared  The WHO expects an epidemic because of problems with poor sanitation

Evening News

  Pakistan US envoy begins Pakistan talks  Deputy Secretary of State R. Armitage is starting of a tour aimed to easy tensions between Pakistan and India

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