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War & Army Main Event: UN begins peace task
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B. 10-01 Israel to expand security barrier Jerusalem
2. 10-01 Liberia clashes mar U.N. takeover Monrovia, Liberia
D. 10-01 Inquiry into gypsy child wedding Romania
10-01 UN begins peace task Monrovia, Liberia
F. 10-01 U.N. plan sets no date for Iraqi self-rule UN
G. 10-01 U.S. past Norway into World Cup semi New England
7. 10-01 N Korea 'boosts nuclear arsenal' North Korea
I. 10-01 Bali planner sentenced to death Indonesia
J. 10-01 'Shortcomings' in SARS outbreak Hong Kong


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Morning News

Oct.1   Jerusalem   Israel to expand security barrier  The cabinet has approved the next phase of a controversial fence it is building in the West Bank

  Liberia     Liberia clashes mar U.N. takeover Map of Monrovia Liberia  Shooting erupted between rebels and government soldiers in a suburb of Monrovia as rebel leader visited the city

  Romania Inquiry into gypsy child wedding  The Government has opened an inquiry into the marriage of the 15-year-old schoolgirl daughter of a gypsy king

Day News

  Liberia     UN begins peace task
Map of Monrovia Liberia
  The biggest United Nations peacekeeping operation in the world has got under way after clashes in the Monrovia

  UN     U.N. plan sets no date for Iraqi self-rule  The revision of the US resolution gives a greater role to the U.N. in establishing a democratic Iraq

  New England U.S. past Norway into World Cup semi  The defending champion won a rough, often ragged game 1-0

Evening News

  North Korea     N Korea 'boosts nuclear arsenal'
  North Korea has finished reprocessing 8,000 nuclear fuel rods, enough to make up to 6 nuclear bombs

  Indonesia     Bali planner sentenced to death  An Indonesian court has sentenced Ali Ghufron, alias Mukhlas, to death for his role in the terrorist attack

  Hong Kong 'Shortcomings' in SARS outbreak  According to a report Hong Kong's response to the epidemic had 'significant shortcomings' in its early phases,

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