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Two dozen freed from Guantanamo
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Terror Main Event: Guantanamo inmates get ne...
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1. 02-02 Guantanamo youngest inmates home Afghanistan
02-13 Guantanamo inmates get new rights Guantanamo
3. 02-19 UK terror suspects to be released United Kingdom
4. 02-24 First Guantanamo inmates charged Washington
F. 03-08 5 Britons returning from Guantanamo England
G. 03-10 UK releases all Gitmo returnees England
H. 03-15 Two dozen freed from Guantanamo Guantanamo
I. 04-20 Supreme Court hears Guantanamo appeal U.S. Supreme Court
J. 06-14 Iraq abuse 'came from Guantanamo' Iraq

UK releases all Gitmo returnees
  Guantanamo youngest inmates home  3 Afghan boys freed from US custody in Cuba are back home with their families   Guantanamo inmates get new rights  Defence Secretary Rumsfeld: Prisoners are now to have their detentions reviewed once a year by 3-member panels   UK terror suspects to be released  Foreign Secretary Jack Straw: 5 of the UK terror suspects held at Guantanamo are to be released First Guantanamo inmates charged  2 men, alleged to have been al-Qaeda members, have been charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes 5 Britons returning from Guantanamo

February 2004 ... more > Top ^

March 2004 ... more > Top ^
  They have been held in Cuba for two years. US concluded they presented a low risk
  The 4 British detainees were placed in UK custody after returning from the U.S. Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  The Pentagon has released 23 Afghans and 3 Pakistani prisoners being held at the U.S. military base

April 2004 ... more > Top ^
Apr.20   Supreme Court hears Guantanamo appeal  A lawyer: The U.S. has created a 'lawless enclave' where men are being held without access to American courts

June 2004 ... more > Top ^
Jun.14     Iraq abuse 'came from Guantanamo'  Brig Gen Janis Karpinski has blamed the abuse on the introduction of Guantanamo-style interrogation methods Jun.24   UK alarm over Guantanamo trials  British attorney general: The planned military tribunals for terror suspects are unacceptable Jun.28   Terror suspects get court access  The Supreme Court has ruled that suspects held at Guantanamo can use the US legal system to challenge the detention Jun.29   Pentagon appoints Gitmo tribunal
Map of Pentagon USA  The Pentagon is naming the officers who will decide the fate of the only 3 prisoners so far charged by the United States

July 2004 ... more > Top ^
Jul.7   Panels to review Gitmo detentions
  Review panels will decide on a case-by-case basis whether detainees are being held legally

August 2004 ... more > Top ^
Aug.5   Gitmo detainees plead their case
  2 Afghan prisoners pleaded for their freedom before U.S. military tribunals
Aug.23   Guantanamo hearings set to begin  Military court proceedings for 4 detainees from the war in Afghanistan are starting at the US naval base

September 2004 ... more > Top ^
Sep.18   U.S. hands over 29 detainees to Pakistan
  6 other detainees will be released in Pakistan. About 550 detainees remain at Guantanamo

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