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1. 01-12 Syria rejects Israel talks offer Syria
C. 01-12 US keeps 'terror' arrests secret U.S. Supreme Court
3. 01-12 Reformists' protest continues Iran
E. 01-12 U.S. soldier killed, 2 wounded in Baghdad Iraq
01-12 Americas leaders meet for summit Mexico
6. 01-12 US Treasury to probe O'Neill book Washington
7. 01-12 Cabinet may dissolve Iran
I. 01-12 Canberra eyes 'star wars' missiles Australia


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Morning News

Jan.12   Syria     Syria rejects Israel talks offer  Syria has dismissed a proposal to invite President al-Assad to Jerusalem for peace talks

  U.S. Supreme Court   US keeps 'terror' arrests secret  The Supreme Court allowed the government to keep secret information about hundreds of people rounded up following 9/11

  Iran     Reformists' protest continues  Dozens of legislators have resumed protest over a hard-line commission's disqualification of moderate election candidates

  Iraq U.S. soldier killed, 2 wounded in Baghdad  Coalition soldiers had broken up an attempt to steal oil from a pipeline, killing 7 of the suspected oil thieves

Day News

  Mexico     Americas leaders meet for summit
  Mexican President backed Bush's proposal to grant temporary guest worker status to Mexican illegal immigrants

  Washington   US Treasury to probe O'Neill book  The Department has called for an investigation into whether a ex-government member leaked secret documents in his new book

Evening News

  Iran     Cabinet may dissolve
  IRNA: President Khatami's cabinet is prepared to dissolve if it cannot guarantee a fair election process

  Australia Canberra eyes 'star wars' missiles  System may include warships fitted with weaponry capable of shooting down missiles in space

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