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Politics Main Event: Sharon may face corrupt...
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01-21 Sharon may face corruption charge Jerusalem
2. 01-21 Democrats slam 'go-it-alone' Bush Washington
3. 01-21 'Ministers quit' in poll row Iran
4. 01-21 Blair backs Bush on Iraq weapons England
F. 01-21 Expert not convinced on NK nukes U.S. Congress
G. 01-21 Beckham red carded as Real triumph Madrid
H. 01-21 China welcomes the New Year China
I. 01-21 Health staff set to strike France


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Morning News

Jan.21   Jerusalem     Sharon may face corruption charge
  Prosecutors are considering charging Prime Minister and his deputy in connection with a bribery scandal

  Washington     Democrats slam 'go-it-alone' Bush  After State of the Union speech President's critics have accused him of leaving the US isolated and worse off

  Iran     'Ministers quit' in poll row  A number of ministers have tendered their resignations in a dispute over the disqualification of of pro-reform candidates

  England Blair backs Bush on Iraq weapons  Prime Minister is insisting there was 'absolutely no doubt' about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

Day News

  U.S. Congress   Expert not convinced on NK nukes  Sigfried Hecker could not say if it really was bomb-grade plutonium metal as North Korea claimed

  Madrid Beckham red carded as Real triumph  England captain was sent off as Madrid beat Valencia 3-0 in a King's Cup quarterfinal first leg

  China China welcomes the New Year  People are celebrating the start of the lunar New Year of the monkey

Evening News

  France Health staff set to strike  Health workers protest planned government health reforms

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