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Disasters Main Event: Historic Kashmir talks...
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01-22 Historic Kashmir talks bring hope New Delhi
C. 01-22 9 dead in attacks Sunni Triangle
3. 01-22 Nasa rover breaks down on Mars USA
E. 01-22 Mugabe 'to talk with opposition' Zimbabwe
F. 01-22 Authority, Shiites look for compromise Iraq
6. 01-22 Human bird flu confirmed Thailand
7. 01-22 More than 40 people die in wedding blaze Tamil Nadu, Southern India


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Morning News

Jan.22   New Delhi   Historic Kashmir talks bring hope
  The Government and a group of separatists have agreed that violence must end in the troubled region

  Sunni Triangle   9 dead in attacks
  Insurgents in 'Sunni Triangle' launched 3 deadly attacks over a 24-hour period, killing 2 U.S. soldiers

  USA     Nasa rover breaks down on Mars  Spirit has stopped sending useful data to Earth and mission scientists are unable to send it commands

Day News

  Zimbabwe Mugabe 'to talk with opposition'  President has agreed to hold formal talks with his political opponents, South African President Mbeki announced

Evening News

  Iraq     Authority, Shiites look for compromise  Coalition Provisional Authority sticks to caucus plan, but willing to consider refinements

  Thailand     Human bird flu confirmed  Thailand has confirmed 2 cases, as the WHO warned the outbreak could mutate and become more dangerous

  Southern India   More than 40 people die in wedding blaze Map of Tamil Nadu India  30 bodies had been found and there were fears that 10 people were trapped in a hall in the Tamil Nadu state

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