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Politics Main Event: Loya jirga agrees const...
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01-04 Loya jirga agrees constitution Kabul
2. 01-04 Saakashvili claims presidency Georgia
3. 01-04 Blair visits Iraq, praises troops Basra
E. 01-04 Swiss banned Red Sea crash firm Switzerland
F. 01-04 Gym blast kills 12 Southern Philippines
6. 01-04 Purported bin Laden tape aired Qatar
7. 01-04 India, Pakistan leaders meet Pakistan
I. 01-04 SARS link: China culls civet cats China


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Morning News

Jan.4   Kabul   Loya jirga agrees constitution
  The document gives the president sweeping powers. It awards parliament the power to appoint of ministers

  Georgia     Saakashvili claims presidency
  US-educated lawyer has claimed victory in early presidential elections

  Basra     Blair visits Iraq, praises troops
  British Prime Minister has made an unannounced day-long visit to troops in Basra

  Switzerland   Swiss banned Red Sea crash firm  The Egyptian Flash Airlines from flying to Switzerland because of safety concerns

  Southern Philippines Gym blast kills 12  A bomb exploded in the southern Philippines, killing 12 people and wounding 30 others, including the town's mayor

Day News

  Qatar     Purported bin Laden tape aired  Al-Jazeera aired an audiotape in which bin Laden timeline">Osama bin Laden referred to recent events, including a November bombing in Riyadh

  Wisconsin Packers beat Seattle in NFC play-off  Favre and the Green Bay survived overtime to beat the Seahawks 33-27 in a thrilling wildcard match-up

Evening News

  Pakistan     India, Pakistan leaders meet
  President Musharraf welcomed Prime Minister Vajpayee

  China     SARS link: China culls civet cats
  The government plans to cull 10,000 cats in wildlife markets after tests suggest a link to a SARS case

  USA   U.S. ready to fingerprint visitors  The new program covers 24 million overseas visitors who are required to have a visa to enter the United States

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