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B. 10-15 Tsvangirai innocent of treason Zimbabwe
C. 10-15 Falluja people flee new attacks Sunni Triangle
3. 10-15 Crash 747 tail 'hit runway' Canada
4. 10-15 Strong quake Taipei, Taiwan
10-15 Israeli troops pull back Gaza
6. 10-15 '70,000 Darfur dead' since March Darfur
7. 10-15 Pill warning for young Americans USA
I. 10-15 Blasts at churches Baghdad
J. 10-15 New space crew docks with station Russia


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Morning News

Oct.15   Zimbabwe   Tsvangirai innocent of treason
  High Court has acquitted the opposition leader of charges he conspired to have President Mugabe assassinated

  Sunni Triangle   Falluja people flee new attacks  There has been a renewed exodus of residents after one of the heaviest US bombardments for weeks

  Canada Crash 747 tail 'hit runway'  The tail of a Boeing struck the runway twice, broke off, before the loaded cargo jet crashed, killing 7 people

  Taiwan Strong quake  A large 6.7 earthquake centered off eastern coast shook buildings in the capital of Taipei

Day News

  Gaza   Israeli troops pull back
  Soldiers finished pulling back from positions in refugee camps and cities in northern Gaza, the first day of the Ramadan

  Darfur   '70,000 Darfur dead' since March  UN official: displaced people have died mainly from disease and malnutrition

  USA Pill warning for young Americans  Antidepressants on sale will have to carry a stark warning of their link to suicidal behaviour among young people

Evening News

  Baghdad   Blasts at churches
  Five churches in 4 neighborhoods were damaged by by improvised explosives devices

  Russia   New space crew docks with station  A Russian spaceship Soyuz carrying 3 crew has docked successfully with the International Space Station

  England UK troops 'set for US Iraq role'  British soldiers could be sent from Basra to support US forces in some of Iraq's most volatile areas

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