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Dozens feared dead after storm  At least 50 people were killed in one county alone. The storm is causing up to $25bn of damage   'Up to 80' dead in hurricane  A huge rescue operation is under way along the US Gulf Coast. 30 have died in one beachfront apartment complex City evacuations under way  Bush called the disaster 'one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history' Katrina will scar US 'for years' Up to 60,000 trying to flee city  Police and National Guard troops struggled to restore order. Looters and armed gangs were roaming the streets 'Desperate SOS' for city
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City evacuated as storm nears  The mayor has ordered hundreds of thousands of people to flee the city as Hurricane Katrina nears Katrina may be 'our Asian tsunami' Hurricane Katrina lashes coast
Gulf Coast residents urged to get out Katrina now Category 5

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  New Orleans Mayor declared a state of emergency and ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city
  1,836 people lost their lives in the hurricane and in the subsequent floods
 The costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast as far as 100 miles from the storm's center. Parts of New Orleans are flooded with up to 6 feet of water after some of the pumps failed. The storm is estimated to have been responsible for $81.2 billion in damage

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  Mayor Ray Nagin has issued a 'desperate SOS' for thousands of people stranded at the city's convention center
Sep.2     Bush condemns Katrina aid effort  President has condemned the initial response to the hurricane as not acceptable, before arriving in Alabama Hurricane aid efforts gather pace Sep.3 Troops ordered to hurricane zone Fires burn along river; rescue grinds on   Massive airlift rescues thousands
  Survivors of Hurricane Katrina are being taken to safety in what is being called the largest-ever airlift in the country
Sep.4   Thousands of deaths predicted  Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt: it is evident number of people killed is in the thousands Five shot dead   House-to-house rescues under way  Military helicopters circled above the city to drop supplies and rescue people trapped in the nearly deserted city Sep.5   Residents return  The residents of Jefferson Parish got their first look. Bush arrives in Baton Rouge to see devastation Bush vows massive relief effort Sep.6 Bush to lead inquiry into Katrina Water pumped from flood-hit city   Flood survivors 'must leave city'  The mayor has ordered the forced evacuation of people refusing to leave, amid fears of serious threats to health Sep.7     Bush seeks $50bn hurricane relief  The President Bush is to ask Congress for more extra emergency funding to deal with the aftermath of Katrina Sep.8 Cheney embarks on hurricane tour  30 found dead in nursing home Bush declares Katrina prayer day   Flood survivors expelled by force
  Police backed by troops have begun to use force to remove people from their homes
Sep.9  $51.8b storm aid approved   US emergency aid chief sidelined  Michael Brown, director of the FEMA has been removed from his role managing the Hurricane Katrina relief effort Sep.10   Police hunt for dead  City police are making the recovery of bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims top priority Red Cross calls for storm workers  Leaders meet to plan city relief Sep.11 Bush makes third hurricane visit Sep.13 City may lose 160,000 homes  Two charged over Katrina deaths Sep.14  Storm-hit N Orleans suburbs open Sep.15     Bush vows 'biggest relief effort'  US President has promised the government will do and spend whatever it takes to rebuild the hurricane-hit Gulf Coast Sep.16 Day of prayer for Katrina victims Sep.17 Business owners return Sep.19 Mayor suspends return to city Sep.20 Fresh storm threatens flood-hit city Sep.23   Storm overcomes levee  Water is pouring over a patched-up levee, increasing fears that rains brought by Rita could flood the city again Sep.25 Evacuees return home after Rita Sep.27   State blamed over Katrina effort  Michael Brown, The former director of the FEMA has criticised state and local officials   City police chief resigns  Eddie Compass has unexpectedly resigned, 4 weeks after law and order broke down in the city following the hurricane Sep.28   Morgue boss: 'These are horrible times'  Louisiana officials believe they can identify about half of the 783 bodies brought so far to the St. Gabriel morgue Sep.29 Some can go home to city Police face Katrina looting probe

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Oct.2 Parish president: FEMA still fumbling
Oct.4 Search for Katrina bodies is over Oct.5 City sacks 3,000 workers Oct.15 Rally condemns Katrina response

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Dec.29 Bosnia lab to test Katrina bodies

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