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US 'ignored Iraq oil smuggling'  Senate report says that the US was well aware of the smuggling and the kickbacks Iraq solicited Galloway takes on US oil accusers  British MP has told senators who accused him of profiting from Iraq oil the claims were the 'mother of all smokescreens' US mulls ban on women in combat  Republicans in the Congress are trying to pass legislation which would keep women out of combat   US House backs stem cell funding  The House of Representatives has voted to increase funding for embryonic stem cell research Vote on Bolton delayed again  Republicans failed for the 2nd time to move the Senate toward a vote on Bush's nomination of the UN ambassador   Bush seeks $50bn hurricane relief  The President Bush is to ask Congress for more extra emergency funding to deal with the aftermath of Katrina $51.8b storm aid approved  Congress approved emergency spending to pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts Gov. Blanco: 'We are looking forward'  Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco asked Congress for help in rebuilding her devastated state Roberts confirmed as chief justice
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  Bush suffers blow on UN choice  The Senate Foreign Relations Committee declined to give its backing to an outspoken conservative Bolton Russians cited in oil-for-food probe
  Rice grilled by Senate  Bush's nominee as secretary of state says she will use diplomacy to reach a balance of power in the world Rice sworn in as secretary of state Bush budget seeks deep cutbacks Bush seeks $950 million in tsunami aid Senator alleges oil-for-food 'bribe' Deadlock in right-to-die case  The Congress has delayed debating a bill that would force doctors to keep a brain-damaged Terri Schiavo alive Bush UN choice grilled by Senate  John Bolton, an outspoken critic of the UN, has said that the UN needs US leadership to get it back on track   Bush asked to explain UK war memo  89 Democratic members of the Congress sent the President a letter asking for explanation of a secret British memo Names named in US Iraq oil report

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  A Senate report says 2 politicians from the UK and France were granted lucrative oil allocations by Saddam's Iraq
  A Senate report accuses top politicians, including advisers to Putin, of engaging in illicit transactions with Iraq

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  The Senate voted on the appointment of John Roberts as the next US Supreme Court chief justic

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Oct.5   Senate backs detainee rights
  Senators have voted overwhelmingly to outlaw cruel or degrading treatment of detainees held abroad
Oct.28   Rosa Parks set to 'lie in honour'  The body of civil rights icon is set to lie in honour in the Capitol Rotunda, the first time that a woman

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Nov.1   Senate in secret Iraq debate  The Democratic Party has forced a closed session to debate intelligence used to justify the invasion Nov.10   Senate call for 'CIA jail' report  The Senate has urged the intelligence chief to give it a report on allegations that the CIA ran overseas jails

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Dec.15     McCain, Bush agree on torture ban
  After months of opposition, the White House agreed to Republican Senator's call to ban torture by U.S. personnel Dec.16   Migrant bill heads for Senate  Mexico has condemned a bill, saying it is too focused on securing its 2,000-mile border Dec.22     Bush suffers Patriot Act defeat
  The Congress has voted to trim an extension of the anti-terror law down to a month

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