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Disasters Main Event: Ahmadinejad elected as...
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B. 06-24 Iran votes in leadership showdown Iran
C. 06-24 Tsunami aid deal signed Sri Lanka
D. 06-24 Blast kills 6, wounds 26 Kashmir
06-24 Ahmadinejad elected as president Tehran
F. 06-24 Bush talks with Iraqi PM Jaafari Washington
6. 06-24 New case of 'mad cow' confirmed USA
H. 06-24 Texas group starting Aruba search Aruba
8. 06-24 Tsunami rebuild 'to take 10 years' Luxembourg
J. 06-24 Billy Graham leads 'last' rally New York


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Morning News

Jun.24   Iran     Iran votes in leadership showdown  An unprecedented 2nd-round presidential run-off offers the electorate two distinctly different visions

  Sri Lanka Tsunami aid deal signed  The government and Tamil Tiger rebels have signed a controversial aid-sharing deal

  Kashmir Blast kills 6, wounds 26  An improvised explosive device planted in a car exploded in a bus carrying Indian soldiers drove past

Day News

  Tehran     Ahmadinejad elected as president Map of Tehran
  The ultra-conservative mayor of Tehran has won 61% of votes of the run-off ahead of Rafsanjani on 35%

  Washington Bush talks with Iraqi PM Jaafari  US President has insisted that the 'violent and ruthless' insurgency will be defeated

  USA New case of 'mad cow' confirmed  A second case of BSE has been confirmed by tests conducted by a laboratory in Britain

Evening News

  Aruba Texas group starting Aruba search  A team of specialists will begin hunting for Alabama teen Natalee Holloway

  Luxembourg Tsunami rebuild 'to take 10 years'  The United Nations said that it will take as long as 10 years to rebuild what was destroyed in the tsunami

  New York Billy Graham leads 'last' rally  The most famous Christian evangelist in the US has addressed what may be his last mass prayer rally

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