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Politics Main Event: Hundreds mourn Beirut j...
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06-04 Hundreds mourn Beirut journalist Beirut
C. 06-04 Henin wins French Open Paris
3. 06-04 Abbas delays Palestinian elections West Bank
E. 06-04 Al-Zarqawi deputy arrested Mosul
F. 06-04 Rescuers fight Alpine tunnel fire Southern France
6. 06-04 Chirac, Schroeder urge EU action Berlin


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Morning News

Jun.4   Beirut   Hundreds mourn Beirut journalist
  Hundreds of mourners lined the streets of central Beirut for the funeral procession of Samir Kassir

  Paris   Henin wins French Open
  Justine Henin-Hardenne strolled to her second French Open crown, defeating Mary Pierce 6-1 6-1

  Hong Kong   Hong Kong marks Tiananmen deaths  Tens of thousands have held a vigil on the 16th anniversary of the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations

  West Bank Abbas delays Palestinian elections  Palestinian Authority President has postponed legislative elections set for July 17

  Mosul Al-Zarqawi deputy arrested  Mullah Mahdi and five other suspected terrorists have been captured in the city of Mosul

Day News

  Southern France   Rescuers fight Alpine tunnel fire
  At least 1 person has been killed in a fire that has broken out in a road between Italy and France

  Berlin     Chirac, Schroeder urge EU action  Chancellor and President have urged EU nations to continue ratifying the constitution

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