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11-01 Bush unveils pandemic flu strategy Washington
2. 11-01 UN probe 'can quiz key Syrians' Syria
3. 11-01 Israel approves EU inspectors Jerusalem
E. 11-01 Koreas 'to unify Olympics teams' North Korea
5. 11-01 Zimbabwe admits 'errors' on land Zimbabwe
G. 11-01 Sixth night of riots Paris
H. 11-01 Iraq accuses Moroccan of terrorism Baghdad
I. 11-01 US quake helicopter 'fired upon' Kashmir
J. 11-01 Urgent appeal for Africa's south Southern Africa


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Morning News

Nov.1   Washington     Bush unveils pandemic flu strategy
  The plan calls for investing in technology for vaccine production and breaking down barriers to bring it quicker

  Syria   UN probe 'can quiz key Syrians'  Syria says a UN team can question two relatives of the Syrian president linked to the inquiry

  Jerusalem   Israel approves EU inspectors  Security Cabinet approved the deployment of European inspectors on the Gaza-Egypt border

  North Korea Koreas 'to unify Olympics teams'  North and South have agreed to compete as a single team in the 2006 Asian Games and the 2008 Olympics

  Zimbabwe Zimbabwe admits 'errors' on land  A minister has said that many of those given land know little about farming and this has led to food shortages

Day News

  Paris   Sixth night of riots
  In the troubled suburbs police is firing rubber bullets and tear gas as they faced down gangs of youths

  Baghdad Iraq accuses Moroccan of terrorism  The Iraqi government accused Muhsen Khayber in a triple car bombing in September that killed 60 people

  Kashmir US quake helicopter 'fired upon'  A rocket-propelled grenade has been fired at one of helicopters delivering aid in earthquake-hit Kashmir

  Southern Africa Urgent appeal for Africa's south  The UN World Food Program has appealed for urgent donations of more than $150m to prevent a food crisis

Evening News

  U.S. Senate Senate in secret Iraq debate  The Democratic Party has forced a closed session to debate intelligence used to justify the invasion

  Australia Australia warns of terror threat  Prime Minister John Howard: Australia has received specific information about a possible terrorist threat

  Washington Rumsfeld hints at more troops in Iraq  Defense Secretary indicated that the number of forces could rise temporarily as Iraqis prepare to vote

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