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1. 11-10 Al-Zarqawi's group claims terror blasts Amman, Jordan
2. 11-10 At least 34 dead in suicide blast Baghdad
D. 11-10 U.S., EU 'to approve Iran N-plan' Austria
E. 11-10 Court backs Turkish headscarf ban European Union
11-10 Johnson-Sirleaf claims presidential win Liberia
6. 11-10 Ex-Taliban governors shot Pakistan
H. 11-10 US tells Syria to drop conditions Washington
I. 11-10 Peru scales down ties with Japan Peru
J. 11-10 Rice on surprise visit Mosul


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Morning News

Nov.10   Jordan     Al-Zarqawi's group claims terror blasts Map of Amman Jordan
  Al Qaeda in Ira is claiming responsibility for three suicide bombings in hotels in Amman

  Baghdad     At least 34 dead in suicide blast  A series of attacks targeted police and civilians, including a suicide bombing at a restaurant

  Austria U.S., EU 'to approve Iran N-plan'  The United States and Europe have approved a plan that would allow it to make the precursor of enriched uranium

  European Union Court backs Turkish headscarf ban  The European Court of Human Rights: Turkey can ban Islamic headscarves in universities

Day News

  Liberia   Johnson-Sirleaf claims presidential win
  A win would make Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Africa's first-ever elected female leader if it is officially certified

  Pakistan Ex-Taliban governors shot  Mullah Abdul Mannan Hanafi and Mullah Mohammad Akbar were provincial governors in Afghanistan

  Washington US tells Syria to drop conditions  Syria must co-operate fully and unconditionally with the UN over the assassination of Hariri

  Peru Peru scales down ties with Japan  Peru has announced it is withdrawing its ambassador in Tokyo due to Japan's attitude toward Alberto Fujimori

Evening News

  Mosul     Rice on surprise visit
  Secretary of State has arrived in the city of Mosul during a tour of the Middle East to promote democracy

  Syria Assad lashes out at Western criticism  A defiant President said his government would cooperate with a U.N. investigation

  U.S. Senate Senate call for 'CIA jail' report  The Senate has urged the intelligence chief to give it a report on allegations that the CIA ran overseas jails

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