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Crime Main Event: 'Failed bomber' confesses
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11-13 'Failed bomber' confesses Amman, Jordan
C. 11-13 Howell holds off Woods for victory China
3. 11-13 Riot-hit Lyon bans public meeting Southern France
E. 11-13 African leaders hail Liberia poll Liberia
F. 11-13 3 U.S. troops killed Iraq
6. 11-13 New Delhi 'bomb mastermind' arrested Kashmir
H. 11-13 EU offers France aid after riots European Union
I. 11-13 Rice pushes for Middle East peace Jerusalem
9. 11-13 Terror accused nuclear link Sydney


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Morning News

Nov.13   Jordan   'Failed bomber' confesses Map of Amman Jordan
  An Iraqi woman in custody has said she tried to blow herself up with her husband in an Amman hotel

  China Howell holds off Woods for victory  David Howell wins the inaugural Champions Tournament by 3 strokes

  Southern France Riot-hit Lyon bans public meeting  Police have banned any public gatherings on Sunday afternoon that might lead to unrest

  Liberia African leaders hail Liberia poll  7 powerful African leaders have hailed the election as free and fair and urged to avoid resorting to violence

  Iraq 3 U.S. troops killed  A roadside bomb killed 2 Marines during combat operations in Amiriya

  Kashmir New Delhi 'bomb mastermind' arrested  A pharmaceutical executive Tariq Dar is believed to be the 'financier, conspirator' behind the bombings

Day News

  European Union EU offers France aid after riots  France has been offered 50m euros to help recover from more than 2 weeks of rioting in poor city suburbs

Evening News

  Jerusalem     Rice pushes for Middle East peace  US Secretary of State has begun a visit to Israel by urging to advance peace efforts after the Gaza pullout

  Sydney   Terror accused nuclear link  Australian police stopped and questioned 3 recently arrested terror suspects near Australia's only nuclear reactor

  Southern China China plans jails for HIV inmates  Southern Guangdong province announced plans to build 2 separate jails to hold inmates with HIV or AIDS

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