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11-15 'Secret CIA flights' probed Spain
C. 11-15 Israelis, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza Jerusalem
D. 11-15 Mass labour rallies Australia
E. 11-15 U.S. killed confessed bomber's brothers Amman, Jordan
5. 11-15 Storm triggers mudslides Caribbean
6. 11-15 School stampede kills 12 Nigeria
H. 11-15 Detainees 'found starving' Baghdad
I. 11-15 Lawmakers back new powers Paris
J. 11-15 Bush pushes China over freedoms Japan


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Morning News

Nov.15   Spain   'Secret CIA flights' probed
  There are claims that CIA planes carrying terror suspects made secret stopovers on Spanish soil

  Jerusalem   Israelis, Palestinians reach deal on Gaza
  Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed on a detailed arrangement for opening the borders of Gaza

  Australia Mass labour rallies  Tens of thousands of people protest against the government's proposed changes to industrial laws

  Jordan U.S. killed confessed bomber's brothers  The Iraqi woman who failed in her bid to blow herself up in an Amman had 3 brothers killed by U.S. forces

  Caribbean Storm triggers mudslides  Mudslides buried 2 fishermen and destroyed 3 homes as rains overflowed river in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  Nigeria School stampede kills 12  Children were trampled to death as panicked pupils fled what they thought was a fire in their school

Day News

  Baghdad   Detainees 'found starving'
  The government begun an investigation into the abuse of more than 170 detainees held by Iraqi forces

  Paris   Lawmakers back new powers
  a draft law is extending emergency powers by 3 months to quell urban unrest

  Japan     Bush pushes China over freedoms  President W. Bush is pushing China to grant more freedoms to its people, citing Taiwan as an example

  Washington MLB and players agree doping deal  The League and its players' union agreed to stiffen rules regarding the use of illegal steroids

  Jordan 11 officials fired  Among fired by King Abdullah II was the national security adviser

  Mozambique Malaria jab's long-term promise  A vaccine has been found to protect children from serious disease for at least 18 months

  Colombia Volcano forces evacuation  Authorities began evacuating 7,500 people living on the slopes of a volcano over concerns it is about to erupt

Evening News

  Washington   US 'troubled' by Iraq abuse claim  Washington is troubled by the alleged abuse of more than 170 detainees held by Iraqi security forces

  Kashmir 2 dead in bomb attack  A suicide car bomb is targeting a former state minister in Srinagar. At least 50 people were injured

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