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Politics Main Event: New Sharon party 'aims ...
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B. 11-21 Iraqis killed as U.S. fires on car Iraq
C. 11-21 U.N.: 40m now have AIDS virus UN
D. 11-21 Iraq genocide trial for Dutchman Netherlands
4. 11-21 Bush makes first visit to Mongolia Mongolia
5. 11-21 Putin reassures Japan on pipeline Tokyo
11-21 New Sharon party 'aims for peace' Jerusalem
H. 11-21 Railworkers begin strike Paris
I. 11-21 Global moves to combat flu threat Global
9. 11-21 Chavez, Kirchner discuss pipeline Venezuela


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Morning News

Nov.21   Iraq   Iraqis killed as U.S. fires on car  4 Iraqis were killed and 5 others wounded when a U.S. patrol opened fire on a vehicle driving near a military base

  UN   U.N.: 40m now have AIDS virus  The global epidemic continues to expand, but in some countries prevention is finally starting to pay off

  Netherlands Iraq genocide trial for Dutchman  Frans van Anraat, 63, accused of complicity in war crimes for selling toxic chemicals to Saddam Hussein's Iraq

  Mongolia Bush makes first visit to Mongolia   U.S. President has thanked Mongolia for standing with him in Iraq

  Tokyo Putin reassures Japan on pipeline  Russian President, speaking in Tokyo, says his country is committed to building a pipeline from Siberia to the Pacific

Day News

  Jerusalem     New Sharon party 'aims for peace'
  PM aims to 'lay the foundations for a peace settlement' with the Palestinians via his new political party

  Paris   Railworkers begin strike  The rail authority predicted major disruptions to national lines and Paris area commuter trains

  Global   Global moves to combat flu threat  China, the US, Canada, Japan and North Korea all taking action to help stop the disease spreading

  Venezuela Chavez, Kirchner discuss pipeline  Chavez sought to clear the way to join the South American trade bloc Mercosur as he met Argentine leader

  Pakistan Afridi banned after damaging pitch  All rounder has been banned for 1 test and 2 one-dayers after damaging the pitch with his boots against England

  Detroit Car giant GM to cut 30,000 staff  General Motors is to cut 30,000 jobs in N. America under a restructuring drive that aims to revive the company

Evening News

  Berlin Parliament to confirm new chancellor  The parliament is due to elect the leader of the conservative Christian Democrats, Angela Merkel

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