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Politics Main Event: Government thrown out
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B. 11-28 Hussein trial adjourned amid rancor Baghdad
2. 11-28 Witness: Hariri's son made him lie Syria
3. 11-28 Opposition wins election Honduras
4. 11-28 EU warned on 'secret CIA jails' European Union
11-28 Government thrown out Canada
G. 11-28 Venezuela signs Spain arms deal Caracas, Venezuela
7. 11-28 Kadima Party lays out principles Jerusalem
I. 11-28 Ronaldinho scoops European award Barcelona
J. 11-28 Official, journalists die in separate attacks Falluja, Sunni Triangle


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Morning News

Nov.28   Baghdad     Hussein trial adjourned amid rancor
  Saddam trial hears first witness. The chief judge adjourned proceedings until December 5 after defendants complained

  Syria Witness: Hariri's son made him lie  'The main witness' in the U.N. investigation said his testimony was coerced by Hariri's son and his advisors

  Honduras Opposition wins election  Liberal Party candidate Mel Zelaya has won presidential election with 50.8% of the vote to 45.2% for Sosa

  European Union EU warned on 'secret CIA jails'  The EU official has warned that EU state found to have hosted the jail could have its voting rights suspended

Day News

  Canada   Government thrown out
  Prime Minister Martin's government has been ousted in a no-confidence vote. 3 opposition parties were united

  Venezuela   Venezuela signs Spain arms deal Map of Caracas Venezuela
  Spain has concluded a controversial deal in Caracas to supply military equipment worth $2bn

  Jerusalem     Kadima Party lays out principles  The new party will support the creation of a peaceful Palestinian state, giving up some land to ensure Jewish majority

  Barcelona   Ronaldinho scoops European award  The 25-year-old Barcelona and Brazil playmaker was named 2005 European Footballer of the Year

  Sunni Triangle Official, journalists die in separate attacks  A top political activist, another sheik and their driver were killed in a shooting after a meeting in Falluja

Evening News

  Bangladesh   Blasts kill 6 Map of Chittagong Bangladesh  2 policemen, were killed and 15 wounded when bombs exploded at a police checkpoint in the port city of Chittagong

  Australia Clean sweep Aussies beat Windies  Australia has completed a 3-match sweep of its test cricket series against the West Indies in Adelaide

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