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Politics Main Event: Bush outlines Iraq 'vic...
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11-30 Bush outlines Iraq 'victory plan' Washington
2. 11-30 Merkel defiant over German hostage Berlin
D. 11-30 UN tribunal jails Kosovo Albanian UN Tribunal
E. 11-30 AIDS considered 'greatest threat' England
F. 11-30 Woman dies of bird flu Indonesia
6. 11-30 Report: U.S. buys positive press in Iraq Washington
7. 11-30 Biggest annual appeal launched UN
8. 11-30 Lula's scandal-hit ally impeached Brazil
9. 11-30 Elections enter final round Egypt


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Morning News

Nov.30   Washington     Bush outlines Iraq 'victory plan'
  The President has said he will not accept 'anything less than complete victory' in Iraq

  Berlin     Merkel defiant over German hostage  Chancellor vowed that her government would 'not be blackmailed' by kidnappers of an archaeologist in Iraq

  UN Tribunal UN tribunal jails Kosovo Albanian  A court in The Hague has jailed Haradin Bala convicted of war crimes committed in 1998

  England AIDS considered 'greatest threat'  HIV and AIDS is considered 'the greatest risk to world health' by residents of Britain, France and Germany

  Indonesia Woman dies of bird flu  A dead woman has tested positive but there was no evidence 2 brothers were victims of the avian influenza virus

Day News

  Washington   Report: U.S. buys positive press in Iraq
  One of the programs reportedly paid a consulting firm and Iraqi newspapers to plant favorable stories

  UN   Biggest annual appeal launched
  The United Nations want $4.7bn to help the victims of war, famine and natural disaster in 26 countries

Evening News

  Brazil Lula's scandal-hit ally impeached  President's former chief of staff, Jose Dirceu, has been expelled from Congress over a corruption scandal

  Egypt Elections enter final round  The legislative elections have been marred by violence and serious allegations of rigging

  European Union Ocean changes to cool Europe  Changes to currents in the Atlantic may cool European weather within a few decades

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