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Crime Main Event: Government declared state ...
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1. 11-08 Hussein co-defendant's lawyer killed Baghdad
2. 11-08 Anti-riot powers extended Paris
D. 11-08 Protesters greet China's Hu Buckingham, London
E. 11-08 EPO: Vuelta winner Heras suspended Spain
F. 11-08 U.N.: Quake survivors will freeze Pakistan
11-08 Government declared state of emergency Paris
H. 11-08 CIA prison claims 'to be probed' Washington
I. 11-08 Bush ups trade pressure on China Washington
9. 11-08 Riots defy emergency plan France


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Morning News

Nov.8   Baghdad     Hussein co-defendant's lawyer killed
  3 gunmen shot and killed Adil Muhammed al-Zubaidi as he was driving

  Paris   Anti-riot powers extended  The Cabinet has approved emergency measures allowing local officials to impose curfews in communities

  London   Protesters greet China's Hu Map of Buckingham United Kingdom  Rights protesters and Tibetan activists jeered Chinese Presidentn as he arrived at Buckingham Palace

  Spain EPO: Vuelta winner Heras suspended  Tour of Spain champion has been suspended after giving a positive doping test for the blood-boosting substance

  Pakistan U.N.: Quake survivors will freeze  The top humanitarian official called it a 'race against time' to help 200,000 people in the higher mountainous regions

Day News

  Paris     Government declared state of emergency
  Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin: the republic 'at an hour of truth'

  Washington CIA prison claims 'to be probed'  The Central Intelligence Agency has taken the step toward a criminal investigation into claims

  Washington Bush ups trade pressure on China  President has ratcheted up pressure to do more to allow the yuan to appreciate and balance the trade

Evening News

  France   Riots defy emergency plan  More than 500 cars had been torched; Around 200 people were arrested

  San Diego Jerry Sanders wins elections  City councilmember Donna Frye lost the run-off election to the second place finisher, former San Diego police chief

  Kazakhstan Venus probe launched successfully  Europe's first space mission to Venus has begun its 5-month voyage off on a Russian rocket from Baikonur

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