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B. 08-11 Plotters met alleged al Qaeda bomber England
C. 08-11 U.N.'very close to Lebanon cease-fire plan UN
3. 08-11 Military 'in new front' Sri Lanka
E. 08-11 UK threat level remains critical London
F. 08-11 Beckham axed by new England coach England
G. 08-11 Moderate quake rattles Mexico City Mexico
08-11 U.N. adopts Mideast deal UN Security Council
8. 08-11 Guenther Grass was in Waffen-SS Germany
9. 08-11 Soldiers' bodies recovered after crash Anbar, Western Iraq


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Morning News

Aug.11   England     Plotters met alleged al Qaeda bomber
  2 of the suspects may have had contact with a Pakistani being an al Qaeda operative

  UN     U.N.'very close to Lebanon cease-fire plan  Bolton: Diplomats are close to an agreement on a resolution to stop the war

  Sri Lanka     Military 'in new front'  Many of Tamil Tiger fighters have been killed

  London   UK threat level remains critical  Home Secretary Reid believed the main suspects were in custody but it was right to 'err on the side of caution'

  England Beckham axed by new England coach  New coach McClaren named his first squad, for next week's friendly against European champions Greece

  Mexico Moderate quake rattles Mexico City  An quake rocked central and western Mexico, forcing office workers and residents to evacuate

Day News

  UN Security Council     U.N. adopts Mideast deal
  The Security Council unanimously approved a proposal aimed at ending the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah
 Israeli Security Cabinet was likely to sign off on the 1701 resolution on Sunday. Hezbollah has not responded. Annan said welcomed the resolution. The Resolution calls for increasing the number of U.N. troops in the area to 15,000, joined by 15,000 Lebanese troops to ensure Hezbollah could not operate between the Israel border and the Litani River. TheResolution calls for the unconditional release of 2Israeli soldiers.

  Germany Guenther Grass was in Waffen-SS  Nobel Prize-winning writer is an author of the great anti-Nazi novel The Tin Drum

  Western Iraq Soldiers' bodies recovered after crash  The bodies of two missing U.S. soldiers were found in the wreckage of a helicopter in Anbar province

Evening News

  Southern Lebanon   Israel broadening ground offensive
  The troops were moving towards the Litani River. Air strikes left several dead

  Washington 'Do your attacks now' triggered arrests  Suspects in an plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights received the message within the last 3 days

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