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War & Army Main Event: Russia airliner with ...
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08-22 Russia airliner with 170 aboard crashes Donetsk, Donbass
C. 08-22 Iran hands U.N. nuclear response UN
3. 08-22 Witness tells of chemical bombs Baghdad
4. 08-22 EU boosts Congo force amid battle Kinshasa, Congo
5. 08-22 Lebanon truce 'fragile', warns UN Jerusalem
6. 08-22 Inactive marines face call-up USA
H. 08-22 Gatlin agrees eight-year drugs ban Arizona
8. 08-22 Iraqis launch Mahmoudiya killings probe Baghdad
J. 08-22 Mourning for plane victims Kiev


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Morning News

Aug.22   Donbass   Russia airliner with 170 aboard crashes Map of Donetsk Ukraine
  The pilot reported a fire on board and heavy turbulence. A jet crashed in eastern Ukraine, killing all on board
 The Tupolev-154, belonging to St Petersburg-based Pulkovo airlines,was flying from southern Russia to St Petersburg. The the crash site, is about 45km north of Donetsk.

  UN     Iran hands U.N. nuclear response
  The response includes an offer to return immediately to negotiations on nuclear program in the coming days

  Baghdad     Witness tells of chemical bombs
  Defendants in the new trial of Hussein insisted that the military was attacking only Iranian troops and Kurdish rebels

  Congo EU boosts Congo force amid battle  400 extra troops are being flown into the capital, Kinshasa, in an attempt to quell gun battles

Day News

  Jerusalem     Lebanon truce 'fragile', warns UN  A senior UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen was on a visit for talks with the Israeli government

  USA Inactive marines face call-up  The Marine Corps has been authorised by Bush to recall thousands of reservists to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan

  Arizona Gatlin agrees eight-year drugs ban  Justin Gatlin is avoiding a lifetime penalty in exchange for his co-operation with doping authorities

Evening News

  Baghdad Iraqis launch Mahmoudiya killings probe  Iraqi authorities have begun an investigation into allegations that U.S. soldiers killed a family and raped a girl

  Kiev Mourning for plane victims  A day of mourning has been declared in the Ukraine as investigators probe Russian Tupolev Tu-154 crash

  Ethiopia Dams opened as new flooding feared  Ethiopia began releasing water to prevent them from bursting as the death toll from floods climbed

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