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  Israeli warplanes hit Beirut suburb  Warplanes bombed southern Beirut, home to the offices of Hezbollah and the group's leader Israel hits targets along Lebanese coast  Strikes smashed into Beirut, a region near Lebanon's border with Syria, and ports. The rockets fired at Israeli towns PM Siniora: Lebanon is disaster zone  Prime Minister pleads for ceasefire. Israel declared a state of emergency for the Gallilee region Israel pounds Beirut after Haifa hit
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Israel imposes Lebanon blockade
  Danish consulate in Beirut ablaze  Thousands of protesters rallying while some of their number torched the consulate Interior Minister quits over riot Mass rally for Hariri anniversary President Lahoud vows to serve full term Rice makes surprise visit Hezbollah spoof sparks protests Israeli jets strike Beirut airport

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  Israeli fighter jets are expanding military campaign against Hezbollah holding two Israeli soldiers captive
  The warships have blocked ports, and Lebanon international airport was closed after Israeli bombing
  Airstrikes pounded the southern suburbs of Beirut where Hezbollah members lived and worked
Jul.17   Israeli jets in new raids  Israel has carried out fresh air strikes on Hezbollah strongholds in southern Lebanon and the militants' Beirut HQ Jul.19   PM: Lebanon 'has been torn to shreds'  Fouad Siniora has called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah militants Jul.22 Israeli jets bomb Sidon and Beirut Jul.23     UN appalled by Beirut devastation  Egeland, the emergency relief chie, has condemned the devastation caused by Israeli air strikes Jul.25 Rice proposes international forces

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Aug.2   Israel resume airstrikes on Beirut
  Airstrikes on the Hezbollah stronghold had recommenced after a pause of several days. Aug.3     Bombs pound Beirut for second night  Israel is targeting a stronghold of Hezbollah militants. Warplanes dropped leaflets over several neighborhoods Aug.4   Israel's bombs cut off Beirut  Israel is saying the attacks were designed to thwart Syrian attempts to arm Hezbollah Israel maintains Lebanon assault
Aug.7 PM: 40 killed in airstrike. 1 only died Aug.16   Lebanon army set to move to south  The troops are due to begin deploying south of the Litani river after the cabinet gave the green light Aug.20 Lebanon sounds ceasefire warning

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Sep.11 Blair faces protests
Sep.22     Hezbollah leader reappears at victory rally   Thousands of Hezbollah supporters gathered in a 'victory rally' in the southern Beirut suburbs Sep.25 Hariri 'killed by suicide bomber'

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Nov.11     Ministers throw government into turmoil
  5 Shiite ministers resigned from Cabinet after talks about giving the Hezbollah party more power collapsed Nov.12 Cabinet crisis threatens tribunal
Nov.13   Lebanon approves court amid crisis  Depleted government has approved a draft setting up an international tribunal to try suspects in the assassination of Hariri Nov.15 PM says he'll survive Cabinet resignations Nov.21   Christian politician Gemayel killed
  Cabinet minister Pierre Gemayel has been shot dead. He was a member of the Christian Phalange party
 A gunman ran up to the car he was riding in and opened fire. Gemayel was supporter of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority. Saad Hariri is saying Damascus wanted to stop the Lebanese government from backing an international tribunal. Syria 'strongly' condemned Gemayel's assassination
Lebanon mourns murdered minister Nov.22 U.N. to probe Gemayel slaying Nov.23   Funeral for minister turns into anti-Syrian
  Hundreds of thousands packed Martyrs Square to honor slain Pierre Gemayel, cheering speeches by his supporters Nov.24 Killing of Gemayel 'may presage coup' Nov.25 Cabinet meets on Hariri tribunal Nov.30 PM vows to defy protests

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Dec.1   Huge rally demands PM quit
  200,000 people packed the streets, as Christian opposition leader called for Fouad Siniora to step down
 Demonstrators pitched tents outside the office of Siniora. Soldiers cordoned off the office complex with barbed wire
  Protesters set up camp   Thousand of supporters of Hezbollah and pro-Syrian allies have spent the night camped out, to protest against the government Dec.2   Hezbollah tent city rises in mass protest  Hezbollah and its allies kept up the pressure on the U.S.-backed government of Fouad Siniora to resign Dec.3 More protests as political crisis deepens Dec.5 Tense Beirut buries unrest victim Dec.7 Hezbollah leader urges defiance Dec.8 Outbursts deepen Lebanon crisis Dec.10   Huge protest pressures government  Hundreds of thousands flooded central Beirut after a call by the Hezbollah-led opposition to topple the government

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