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U.S. to boost arms sales to India  India will be able to buy more sophisticated fighter aircraft as part of a closer defense relationship PM urges calm after blasts Map of Varanasi India  Manmohan Singh has appealed for calm after a series of bomb explosions rocked the city of Varanasi Dozen hurt in mosque blasts   2 explosions near New Delhi's main mosque went off inside the mosque's complex just after prayers Plea for calm after blasts  The imam of Jama Masjid has appealed for calm after 2 explosions detonated near his mosque Delhi swelters amid power crisis  The minister for power says new guidelines are being drafted to save electricity Muslim bomber guilty of killing 17  An court found Mohammed Ghansar guilty of murder for his role in a string of bombings in Mumbai, 13 years ago India: Pakistan behind Mumbai bombings
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  India, U.S. agree to nuclear pact
  Bush makes first visit to India

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  US President is preparing to meet Indian leaders. A nuclear power deal could be clinched
  India and the United States have sealed a landmark agreement during Bush's visit
  India is to open up its 14 civilian reactors to international inspectors and keep power generation separate from military program. But India will keep 8 sites for secret military purposes reached after intense negotiation. The U.S. Congress must approve the deal terms

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  The government accused Pakistan's military spy agency of planning the July 11 train bombings

November 2006 ... more > Top ^
Nov.13   S Asia rivals resume peace talks
  India and Pakistan have begun their first talks since the bombings in Mumbai in July Nov.30   Clinton launches child HIV drugs
  A foundation has negotiated a deal to make treatment cheaper for children, the former US president has announced

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Dec.29   Police find child skeletons
  The bags containing the clothes and skeletons of a number of small children were discovered in Noida, 12 miles from the capital

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